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Clans, Spaceflight, and The Numinous Way

You have recently written that the practical essential basis for The Numinous Way is a return to small clan-based communities. How, therefore, do such small probably rural and very low-tech communities fit in with your vision of Space Exploration and colonization? For surely such exploration requires high-tech industries and the resources and wealth of a modern nation-State?

A return to a more human way of living – based upon small communities and the law of personal honour – is indeed central to The Numinous Way, which Way rejects as unethical the abstraction of the modern nation-State and the un-numinous ways of living which go with such an abstraction.

As mentioned in The Clan, Culture, and The Numinous Way

” The clan is the basis for establishing new, numinous, communities based on The Numinous Way itself. That is, new numinous clans can express, manifest, presence, the numinous itself by the members of such new clans living according to the numinous principles of empathy, compassion and personal honour. They are thus nexions, regions where numinous law, based upon honour, can be established, to the benefit of the individuals of such new communities. A numinous clan ceases to be numinous – ceases to presence the numinous and thus ceases to be a living, changing, evolving, being – when individual empathy, individual knowing, individual character, and individual honour, cease to be the basis for inclusion, and there is, instead, a reliance and dependence upon causal abstractions. For a living, numinous, clan is not some ideal or some static abstraction “to be loyal to” or a means whereby self-identity is felt and known and obtained, but rather a living, changing, evolving¬† symbiotic-being personally-known via empathy with the individuals who are that living being.”

As for Space Exploration, this certainly does, currently, in its present form, involve sophisticated technology and certainly requires the industry and wealth and resources of large nation-States.

However, current Space technology is very cumbersome and quite primitive, and – using this type of technology – it will probably be another hundred years before there are large, self-sufficient, colonies on Mars and the Moon. In addition, this technology – even allowing for some advancements in the next fifty or so years – is wholly unsuitable to stellar and Galactic exploration, given the distances involved. After fifty years of manned Spaceflight, there are currently only around five or six individuals, at any one time, living in Space – and they live there for only some months at a time, not permanently; that is, no one yet lives permanently in Space.

Furthermore, due to its complexity and cost, Space Exploration does not currently have a very high priority among those pursuing it, especially as countries such as America prefer to spend money, and use their resources, to maintain their military and political hegemony, and this low priority is unlikely to change in the near future, given current policies and the current ethos that dominates the West and now most of the rest of the world, partly due to Western influence. Indeed, Space Exploration may well have an ever lower priority in the future, given the social, economic and political problems that may well arise.

What is required is something which is technologically simple, relatively cheap (by current standards), and which does not require the vast resources of a modern industrialized country. Currently, Space technology is reliant upon expensive, costly, mostly expendable rockets to take craft above and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, and even were another type of Earth-to-Space propulsion devised, the problems of interstellar distance, and of costly spacecraft production, still remain.

Personally, it is my view that an entirely new type of technology is required, and it may well be that this will be an acausal technology, in contrast to our existing causal technologies. Such an acausal technology – based upon acausal energy in contrast to causal energy – is still, of course, futuristic.

You are referring, presumably, to your concept of acausal Space-Time and acausal energy, which you outlined in your work The Physics of Acausal Energy?

Yes, and it is such an acausal technology which is certainly compatible with small clan-based communities, and which does not require the wealth and organized industries of modern industrialized nation-States, and which thus does not exploit and denude the resources of, nor pollute, this planet, Earth, which is currently our home.

As mentioned elsewhere:

” The Numinous Way considers that it is such new cultures which can aid the evolution of the individual, establishing – over a certain amount of causal Time – a more evolved, more cultured, more empathic, more compassionate, more honourable, human species. Such cultures, and their clan-communities, are, or rather should be, the genesis for the next stage of our human evolution, where we leave this planet, which is currently our home, and so live and evolve and diversify among the stars of this and other Galaxies.

However, given that such numinous cultures are small – and may often be rural in nature – how can this Galactic, extra-terrestrial, development be achieved, especially since a numinous culture would most certainly not involve large national or supra-national industries, as it would not be reliant upon the usury, and the supra-national trade and commerce, which all modern States and nations depend upon?

It could and should be achieved by means of the development of a new acausal science, and the development of a new type of technology, based on acausal energy. For a numinous culture – and all empathic human beings – are, both in principle and in practice, opposed to the exploitation of the Earth, and the exploitation of the living beings of the Earth, which exploitation is inseparable from capitalism and the modern industries, and technologies, deriving from, and dependant, upon such capitalism, on such supra-national commerce, and on other causal un-numinous abstractions.

The basis for the new acausal technology is the science of causal and acausal, of the apprehension of acausal energy emanating from the acausal universe by means of living nexions.” The Clan, Culture, and The Numinous Way

Do you have any thoughts on what timescale we’re talking about in developing this new acausal technology?

My assumption is that it may take many decades for even the foundations to be developed – that is, for acausal energy to experimented with; for machines which generate such energy to be developed; and for new acausal machines to be developed and used as a means of propulsion for Spacecraft.

Thus, it may well be a century of more before Spacecraft using acausal energy are developed. But, it could occur in a much shorter time, just as it might not occur at all.

What do you mean by saying it might occur at all?

Currently, my theory of acausal energy – and of such acausal energies being the “extra something” that animates physical matter and makes it alive – is just a theory, and a rather speculative one at that, based on certain axioms. It is an interesting theory, certainly, but might not be a valid one: that is, one that becomes useful, and the basis for a new technology, because practical experiments validate it to some extent. Indeed, practical experiments might just as well show that the theory is – or aspects of it are – untenable.

What about your other, concomitant, theory, of a technology based not on acausal energy, machines generating such energy, but instead on living machines?

That is not especially a theory, but rather a speculative extrapolation based on the axioms, of causal and acausal, which axioms form the foundation of the theory of acausal energy.

As I mentioned in a very early essay – my first exposition of the theory –

” One way of capturing the acausal is to develop a truly organic technology – that is, to grow living machines from organic material. Such an organic technology would be totally different from the current concern with “molecular electronics” and “nanotechnology” because these concerns still depend on manufactured, discrete and dead electronic components which themselves are based on descriptions of causal matter using causal time.

Electronics, for example, is a means of describing the changes of a particular type of causal matter – electrons – over causal time, and enables components and circuits to be built to alter and control the flow of electrons. Thus, for example, using organic ‘molecules’ to store data is not a genuine organic technology, because: (i) such molecules are manufactured to do one or two specific, inert, tasks; (ii) such molecules are not basically alive as independent changing organisms – that is, not possessed of the acausal; and (iii) they would still be somehow connected to, and dependent upon, electronic components.

A truly organic technology uses one type of acausal matter, living matter, and its changes, or growth, in a living way to produce an organic machine made entirely of organic matter, with no dead, discrete, manufactured components – electronic or otherwise. We ourselves would interact with, or control these organic machines in a living way, for example by using our “thoughts” (via “biofeedback” or something more sophisticated) or a living symbiotic relationship, such as the relationship of a hunting man with his well-trained, and well-cared for, hunting dog. In either case, the parameters of change, of control, of such organic machines would be natural or living ones determined by the acausal, or living, changes of that organic machine – rather than determined by causal, inert, matter such as an electronic, electrical or mechanical circuit. In the example of the hunting dog, the parameter of control is the relationship which exists between the dog and its master. Such a truly organic technology would enable us, for instance, to build or create an organic space-ship capable of travelling between the stars, with this ship being a living, existing, being, capable of living or existing in interstellar space, and having some kind of symbiotic and probably caring relationship with its crew or its controller. ”¬† Acausal Science: Life and The Nature of the Acausal

David Myatt