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Two Face: Some Poems by DW Myatt


Below is a link to a pdf file (103 Kb) of Two Face: Some Poems by DW Myatt from the years 1974-1979 CE.

Also below is a link to another pdf file (101 Kb) of another small collection of poems by DW Myatt, from the years 1974-2009 CE, entitled For The Cognoscenti.

Two Face: Some Poems by DW Myatt

For The Cognoscenti


Confusion Will Be My Epitaph


Confusion Will Be My Epitaph

In your article The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, you state quite clearly that the downfall of the West begins, and I quote, “with peoples external to the West, and with those of non-White ethnicity within the lands of the West.” Why do you say this, and isn’t this a complete turn around from your previous advocacy of European, or “Aryan”, culture and traditions?

One of the fundamental problems – as I understand it as a result of almost four decades of reflexion upon the problem, and following four decades of varied practical experience and engagement – is that of the innate character of the peoples of the West. It is this character that has allowed The White Hordes to descend to become Homo Hubris, and has allowed themselves to be the allies and servants of the Magian. It is this basal character that has caused The White Hordes of Homo Hubris to destroy by ruthless force the few rebellions, in the West, against the mechanistic, usurious, un-numinous status quo. It is, importantly, this innate character that has led to this status quo, that is manifest in this status quo, based as it is upon the manufacture of un-numinous abstractions and upon the spread of these contagious abstractions, by The White Hordes, throughout the peoples of the world.

It is thus this character that needs to changed, and this requires a new ethos; a new perception, a new attitude, a new perspective; an entirely new way and new ways of living. This change is not going to occur quickly – it will take decades, if not a century, or more probably, many centuries. That is, the current status quo – the perfidy of the nation-State with its tyranny and its tyrannical abstractions will not only remain, but get much worse, and “the people” will, for the most part acquiesce in this, and acquiesce in the increasing tyranny, manifest as this tyranny is in, for example, increased government surveillance, in a lack of personal honour, in compulsory and increasing taxation, in a lack of empathy, a lack of personal manners, in more and more laws in the name of “security” and “peace”, in restrictions on people’s freedom of movement, and in a lack of, or the suppression of, critical debate about certain matters, especially certain recent historical events.

In previous decades, I had hoped that it might be possible to bring about this change of character, from within the West, by “shock and awe” – by creating a revolutionary situation; by precipitating System Breakdown. But my practical experience revealed to me that this just could not be done, for several reasons. Firstly, because The White Hordes, en masse, were mostly quite content with their lot; secondly, because the Magian ethos, the new Magian mythos, held them in thrall, and when it did not there were always, always, willing servants of the Magian and of their ethos to re-enforce their conditioning, to re-educate them, or to arrest, convict, and imprison them, or to inform on those few who were genuine heretics, genuine revolutionaries, genuine outlaws against The System. Thirdly, and perhaps most distressing of all, the fundamental character of even those who claimed to rebel was, for the most part, flawed; with such individuals not being personal examples of the values we and they championed and claimed to be fighting for. That is, they were often, themselves, dishonourable; were often dis-loyal, and mostly did not do their duty.

Thus, my conclusions came to be: (1) that the peoples of the West in general, or even those of one nation, would not revolt, and could not be persuaded to revolt against their masters and against their wage and salary slavery. (2) That they had become so corrupted by the ignoble, un-numinous, ethos that permeated all the societies of the West, that it is was impossible, or seemed to me impossible, to re-awaken them, to imbue them with the virtues of honour, loyalty and duty in their service of their own culture and their own ethos, and that when these noble virtues were shown, by them, it was more often than not only and ever in the service of the Magian; for Magian goals; for and on behalf of the Magian ethos, so imbued had the majority of peoples of the West become with that ethos. (3) That one of the fundamental and important problems was that the Magian ethos itself was an almost alchemical blend of the abstractions, half (or more) from the peoples of the West, and half (or less) directly from the Magians themselves.

But perhaps most important of all, in those previous decades, I had worked on and indeed lived by the assumption that the problem was a simple one of “us” and “them” – of the Magian ethos being just that, purely Magian; purely manufactured by the Magian; that, expressed simply, we had become “infected” by a virus that was Magian in origin and in design; and that thus that “we” just needed to return to “our” own, pure, ethos, our own values, our own ancestral ways, in order to liberate ourselves, in order to cure ourselves of this infection, this Magian distortion.

However, I came to realize, to crucially understand, that “we” ourselves were part of the problem; if not a major cause of the problem. That it was the White peoples themselves – and especially their abstractions – which originally gave rise to and which imbued this ethos with so much vigour, and which has allowed it to so take root among the peoples of the West.

Now, I consider what I term the Magian ethos as something other than simply something manufactured by some other people, such as Zionists, and which thus expresses the ethos, the Zeitgeist, of that people. That is, this Magian ethos is theirs, but crucially also “ours”; an alchemical mixture of ideas, abstractions, and mythos, deriving from both “us” and “them”. Thus, while currently the main beneficiaries of this Magian ethos are the Magians themselves (and especially their new State entity and its satellite entity, Amerika) its origin, its existence, and its continuing vigour and power are now insolubly tied up with the peoples of the West.

In addition, my assessment of the basic character of what I regarded as my own people had been hopelessly idealistic, ridiculously romantic, and thus flawed, and I came, from direct experience, to know their flaws, their faults, so evident in a genuine understanding of their history, their deeds past and present. I also came to know, to understand, my own flaws, my own mistakes. In brief, the situation, the problem, was not as simple as I had naively believed it to be, with the truth being that the Magian ethos has naturally become the ethos of the West since it was to a large extent the creation of the peoples of the West, with some important input, some quite important changes, from and made by the Magian themselves.

So yes, indeed, this is almost a complete reversal of my former position – but one based on, deriving from, my own practical experience. Based upon the realities I encountered and had to deal with. That is, I learned, from experience; and I especially learned from my own mistakes. I also lost that somewhat immature idealism, that romanticism, that I had somehow managed to retain even after decades of revolutionary activism.

Hence, in order to bring about the downfall of The System, we must look to those who have a different character from ours, and different from the Magian, and learn from these peoples of diverse and non-White ethnicity; and change ourselves (inwardly, in character) and encourage these other peoples to understand our flaws, to value themselves, and free themselves from “our” ethos, that is, from the Magian ethos which now dominates the West and has spread over the entire world. They should free themselves of direct control by the West, and rid themselves, wherever they are – even if residing in the West – from any and all Western influences, for the West has now naturally become synonymous with the Magian, synonymous with the Magian ethos, with the un-numinous and tyrannical abstractions of The White Hordes.

The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris


The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris

The downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, the destruction of their nation-States, of The West itself, is something not only to be desired, but also striven toward by all practical means.

Why? Because as mentioned in Chapter Two of The Mythos of Vindex, “The White Hordes of Homo Hubris…have consistently and for many centuries been the destroyers, par excellence, of The Numinous.” In addition, it is and has been The White Hordes of Homo Hubris (Footnote 1) who are and who were the natural allies and the footsoldiers of the Magian, and who are responsible for the present triumph, in the West, of the Magian and the Magian ethos, which triumph has enabled the creation of the tyrannical, dishonourable, modern nation-States with their abstract laws, their materialism and their mechanistic so-called “progress”. For is The White Hordes of Homo Hubris who – doing the bidding of their Magian masters, knowingly or unknowingly – have used brutal force and war to fight and destroy each and every attempt to resist the control of the Magian, just as it is and has been The White Hordes of Homo Hubris who have brutally and ruthlessly put down each and every rebellion against the Magian ethos, and who at the time of writing are engaged in yet another war against those who seek to free themselves from Magian control and who desire to live in communities free of the stifling, un-numinous materialistic, mechanistic, Magian ethos.

Why have The White Hordes of Homo Hubris done this? Why are they, and why have they been, the allies, servants and footsoldiers of the Magian? Is it because of their ethnicity – something innate? Or is it because they themselves have enthusiastically adopted, or became infected with, the Magian ethos itself? Fundamentally, it is combination of both these factors.

The Character of The White Hordes

The White Hordes have, and have had for at least two thousand or more years, a certain innate character (Footnote 2). This character is one of arrogant aggression; of arrogant interference; of cunning; and especially of hubris – that belief, that instinct, that impatience – often born from some feeling of “Destiny” – that “they know better”, that they are somehow “more civilized” than others, and that “progress” or change is in itself desirable. In addition, they seem to have some innate desire to manufacture and to identify with – and some kind of addiction to – causal abstractions; to impose categories, –isms, and –ologies upon themselves, others, the world, and the Cosmos itself.

Basically, they are and have been for thousands of years, restless, and have either (1) never managed, en masse, to establish a balance within themselves and so have been unable or unwilling to manufacture – for long – stable, communities and societies which express, manifest and continually presence the numinous, sans abstractions; or (2) have never been able to control, for very long, their primal instincts, their lack of respect for the numinous, and their innate bullying savagery, although they have managed, or rather connived, to convince themselves, and sometimes others, that they, and their ways, are somehow “civilized”, although this so-called “civilized behaviour” of theirs that they have often been so very proud of is and only ever has been at best a thin veneer, and at worst mere pretence, for while showing to others, and the world, a civilized and “honourable” public face, they have hypocritically continued to act, in private, in an altogether different way, as was for so evident, for instance, in the days of the British Raj in India, and of British control in places like East Africa, where the private lives of the individuals did not match the hypocritical high standards they preached about in public and which they attempted to convince people they were examples of.

This utter hypocrisy, this lack of control, this cunning, this aggression, this hubris, this insolence and disrespect of the numinous, this desire for the illusion and the security of abstractions, is so evident, also and more recently, in the behaviour of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris in places like Afghanistan, which they have occupied by force in order to impose their ways, their abstractions, upon the peoples there. Thus, they have yet again disrupted and are attempting to destroy the ways of life of others; and are yet again using force, terror, cunning, lies – and all the other tactics of the insolent – in order to get those peoples to adopt some mythical idealized way of life, which idealized way of life does not even exist and never has existed even in the Western lands of The White Hordes.

Thus, The White Hordes of Homo Hubris are yet again bringing death, destruction, disruption, hunger, and suffering, to others in the name of some mythical un-numinous abstraction. In the case of Afghanistan, it is in the name of the un-numinous abstraction “democracy” and in the name of “peace”, by which the sly White Hordes mean, of course, the so-called “peace” that arises when one surrenders to a bully, that is, surrenders to them.

The character of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris is also evident in their desire to control, to restrain, to “organize” – to try to dominate – Nature. The character of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris is evident in their obsession with causal Time and with “planning”, which obsession anyone who comes from, or who has lived for any time among, other non-Western communities and cultures and cultures, will recognize. For example, individuals who belong to The White Hordes of Homo Hubris will expect others to share their attitude that “causal Time” is valuable, a kind of commodity, and can be measured out, and, indeed, The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have gone to great lengths – as part of their cultural colonialism – to impose their causal Time and their schedules (based on some abstraction), and their causal orientated mechanistic “planning”, on other peoples, world-wide.

Most other cultures, however, have or had an understanding of life as it is – as a slow flow of slow change, in rhythm with Nature, which slow flow of slow natural and local change those individuals accept and which they do not, for the most part, attempt to struggle against. But, for The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, it is constant struggle – for they desire to impose themselves, their “Time”, their abstractions, upon others and upon Nature. For instance, for them, mañana is an irritation, an inconvenience; just as wu-wei is, and just as “InshaAllah” (as commonly used, for example, by Egyptians) is. For The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, a delay of a day, or a week, or more, is unacceptable, just as for most of their kind the subtle delicacy of chadō is a “waste of time”, an irritation, or something “quaint and touristy”; just as the intricacies and meanings of Ram thai – evolved naturally and locally over periods of natural Time – are and were lost on these impatient “foreign devils” and for whom such things are at best something they can momentarily gawp at. For The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have always ridiculed, or dismissed, or seem as inferior, or wanted to change, the natural practices and ways of every single people they have ever come into contact with, from the Native Americans, of North and South America, to the tribes of Africa, to the lands of Khmer and Tai, to the islands of Nihon.

Given their character, their impatience, their hubris and insolence, their desire for an almost instant gratification, their addiction to abstractions, it is no wonder then that The White Hordes of Homo Hubris came to destroy the culture, the communities, the tribes, of others, and have imposed upon other peoples their own unfeeling, their own causal and un-numinous, abstractions, manufacturing thus modern abstract nation-States in place of the subtle numinous culture of Bushido and Samurai, in place of regional small ancestral kingdoms such as Tai, Khmer, and Mon, and trying to destroy and replace the tribal ways of the Ashanti, Afar, Hopi, Tsitsistas, Ndee, Siksika, and the many, many, others whom they often ruthlessly uprooted from their ancestral lands and whom they demanded, often by force, adopt the ways and abstractions of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris.

Now, of course, they and their savants pretend, for the most part, to “treasure and recognize the importance of the world’s cultural diversity”, but what remains of this diversity – after century upon century of military and cultural colonialism by The White Hordes – is for the most part now rootless, not derived from a thriving, living, numinous and tribal way of life which owes little or nothing to the ways, the abstractions, of the West. Such “cultural diversity” is now often only some “tourist attraction” for the tourists of The White Hordes “to enjoy” and gawp at, or something the Western-style governments and nations of other lands have appropriated and which they promote in order to foster a kind of artificial national unity, and a Western-style nationalism, among the citizens of these more-often-than-not Western created new nation-States, over which the West still retains control, directly or covertly, by the threat of military force, by usurious loans, through “aid”, through political and economic blackmail, or by others means.

Furthermore, what The White Hordes and their Magian masters will not tolerate, in the modern world, is another land, another country, other peoples, being free from Western control, free from Western abstractions, and having a way or ways of life that place their own numinous ancestral culture, their own numinous laws, and a tribal way of living, before the mechanistic material “culture” of the West, before the abstract laws of the West, and before the soul-less abstraction of the usury-driven, debt ridden, tax-demanding nation-State. Any and all such attempts by other peoples to free themselves from Western abstractions, Western control or influence, have been and are ruthlessly put down, with the sly bullying White Hordes of Homo Hubris, and their even slyer Magian masters, always manufacturing some “excuse” for their actions, for their intervention, for the crippling sanctions they impose. (Footnote 3)

Adoption of the Magian Ethos

Long before they devolved even further to become – during and after the so-called Industrial Revolution – Homo Hubris, The White Hordes of the old Europe had begun to undermine and disrupt our natural and slowly evolving connexion to the Numinous, based as this connexion was on tribal communities and the law of personal honour. That is, based on a human, individual, scale of things, on personal knowledge of and interaction with and respect for, others, and upon an awareness, often only instinctive, of ourselves as an integral part of Nature. This connexion thus gave rise to a natural and balanced and fundamentally pagan attitude toward life where the individual for the most part had or could strive to have power over their own affairs or at least the basic freedom to defend themselves with weapons and where the only authority was a local, tribal or clan, one, with those in possession of such authority being personally known to the individual and almost always respected by the individual by virtue of being, for instance, clan or tribal elders.

This undermining and this disruption of the numinous by The White Hordes occurred because of their innate restless insolent character, and because of their manufacture of various un-numinous abstractions which – from the times of Ancient Greece – they interposed between themselves and the reality of the Cosmos and which they increasingly began to adhere to or see as “ideals” to be striven for. These abstractions included, of course, the Platonian “ideal” itself, the notion of potestas tribunicia, and the abstraction of a codifiable law, which established the Imperium Romanum. In many ways, it was this abstraction of a codified law, together with the imposition of a remote, impersonal, authority – often maintained by force and almost always sustained by mandatory taxes – which began the unfortunate dominance of The White Hordes and which marked the real beginning of their de-evolution, of their increasing distance from, and disruption of, the numinous. Of their, in brief, wholesale adoption of and belief in profane abstractions over and above the ways of the Numen. For they began to make this abstraction of a codified law and a remote, impersonal, authority, sustained by mandatory taxes, an ideal to be striven for.

However, it was their outward and inward adoption of the abstractions of what became the religion and dogma of the Nazarene that began not only their great and rapid descent back toward barbarism, and thence ultimately toward and into the new subspecies Homo Hubris, but also and importantly led to an alliance with the Magian, which alliance in its beginnings had more to do with usury, avarice and the power of so-called Kings and rulers, than it had to do with changing the world for the worse based on some messianic abstraction or on some prejudiced desire to “civilize the natives”.

Even so, there were times – several times – when some of the peoples from The White Hordes of the old Europe forsook the ways of abstractions and of profanity, and returned to the old ways of balance and a natural paganism. But every time such a natural balance was restored within some communities of the West, it became undermined, and was ultimately destroyed, by the restless insolent abstraction-loving character germane to the White Hordes themselves, often because of the desire to pursue, to believe in, to implement, some un-numinous abstraction; some dogma, so -ism or some -ology, be these -isms or these -ologies deemed to be “political”, social, or “religious”, which terms themselves (politics, religion, social) are of course just more examples of the un-numinous illusive causal abstractions imposed upon the numinous reality of our organic, acausally-imbued life.

What we have now – manifest in The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and their Magian masters, with their modern tyrannical nation-States – is the result of The White Hordes having: (1) adopted and adapted what became the abstraction of the Nazarene (Magian-derived) way of life; (2) having adopted and adapted the Magian principle of usury; (3) having manufactured from the Nazarene abstraction and from their own other abstractions (such as a codified law and a remote, impersonal, authority, sustained by mandatory taxes) new abstractions; and (3) from them striving to implement, because of and using their innate character, these new abstractions, such as modern “democracy”, the modern nation-State, and the mythical desire for so-called “peace” to be established, of course, by and under the aegis of the armed forces led by or dominated by The White Hordes who have manufactured for themselves a world mandate, courtesy of their creations such as the so-called “United Nations”.

Thus was the rough beast – our mortal enemy – born, to slouch toward Bethlehem, where it helped to bring about the Zionist entity, which entity has come to believe that its messianic hour is almost here, at last.

The Tyrannical Abstraction of The State

One of the fundamental problems of our times in the un-numinous, the tyrannical, the impersonal, abstraction of The State, maintained as this abstraction is by mandatory taxes, by an increasingly bullying Police force which increasingly relies upon surveillance and paid informers, and imbued as this abstraction is with a mechanistic materialism, a capitalistic ethos, and the ever-present threat of individuals being incarcerated in some barbaric prison if they break some law which some servant or servants of The State have manufactured in order to ensure the survival of The State and the survival of those oligarchies who control The State and who benefit from its existence.

The modern State – wherever in the West or in the world it is located – seeks to imbue its citizens with either some sort of abstract national pride (for which it has manufactured a lifeless un-numinous so-called national “culture”) or with a belief in some other abstraction of a political, social, or religious nature, just as it assigns a high priority to other abstractions such as “national security” or “national defence”, and just as it uses all the means at its disposal – from the Media to entertainment to sport to manufactured celebratory events to worthless so-called “traditions” to promises about “change” and “progress” – in an attempt to keep its mostly debt-ridden wage and salary slaves reasonably content, knowing that it needs the taxes it steals and extorts from them in order to maintain its existence, and the existence of the parasites who feed upon it and who benefit from it.

For the modern nation-State is, in truth, a large legalized protection racket, demanding you pay “protection money” or you will be visited by their “heavies” (the Police and the other agencies they control) and then either asked to pay even more protection money (a “fine”) or be imprisoned for however long they deem appropriate in their barbaric prisons, which prisons they maintain as a means of persuasion and control. for the so-called “justice” of the State and its flunkies is an abstract, impersonal, “justice” wholly unrelated to the natural and numinous (and real) justice which derives from personal honour – for their abstract so-called “justice”, and their Police forces and their laws, take away the freedom and the ability of the individual to make their own judgement of others, to be responsible for themselves, and to seek honourable redress in a personal, direct, manner.

What all this amounts to is that The State makes the individual rootless, powerless, and undermines and destroys the connexion of the individual to the numinous, for it destroys that natural, numinous, culture which arises from our natural, tribal, human, way of living. It takes away the ability of the individual to evolve in a natural way, for it replaces the natural perspective of Nature and the Cosmos with the perspective of various lifeless abstractions, all of which abstractions have their own lifeless, un-numinous and ultimately causal and mechanistic goals. Even what passes for “religion” or for a non-material Way in such States is lifeless, un-numinous and ultimately meaningless because it is either an abstraction itself (some -ism, some -ology) or because it demands subservience of the individual to its dogma and does not recognize, promote nor accept either personal empathy or personal honour as a basis for insight and for living.

In contrast, a true numinous way of living is never “religious” and never supra-personal; it is never impersonal and dogmatic, and never demands subservience to some impersonal authority. Instead, a true numinous way of living: (1) always arises from, and is part of, a natural tribal or clan-based community who live, who work, together in some locality and who thus know each other personally or know of, or are related to, the others in such a locality, and (2) always allows for, and indeed often insists upon, the importance of individual empathy, of individual experience, of individual change, never ever thus negating those three most fundamental principles of genuine freedom, of our humanity itself: empathy, personal honour, and a learning from direct personal experience, which personal learning builds noble character and which personal, practical and direct experience is far far more valuable than the abstract impersonal “learning” and the “knowledge” and the “experience” obtained in and enforced by impersonal Institutions and by mandatory State schools.

For the birth of this beast, The State, we have to thank The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and the influence of the Magian ethos, and for the continued existence of this beast and its modern progeny we have to thank the alliance of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and the Magian. However, what began as an alliance has now become, in the last several decades, almost total control of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris by the Magian, and an almost total reliance, by The White Hordes, on not only The State, but also on abstractions, which abstractions now include the new mythos which the Magian and their willing helpers among the White Hordes have developed as one means of control (Footnote 4).

The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris

How can we, how should we, deal with this beast, The State, and thus re-establish our connexion to the numinous? First, we have to accept that the peoples of the West – the vast majority of whom are still part of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris – will not, and cannot, suddenly change their nature, and what has now become their character, and neither will they, at least not in the next century or so, free themselves from the control of the Magian and from their subservience to The State. For this State still provides them with, and will continue to provide them with, a reasonable materialistic way of life, and the Magian will ensure that the troops and minions of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris will fight for, and/or obtain by whatever means, whatever resources are needed, wherever in the world they are, in order for their lackey Western States, and their own beloved Zionist entity, to survive.

Given all these things, it is reasonable to suggest and expect and to work toward one or both of the following. (1) That the societies of the West have to broken down and disrupted from within by those who understand the perfidy of the abstraction of The State and who desire to live in either a new numinous, and evolutionary, way, or in a way consistent with their own, non-Western, culture or way of life. (2) That those, external to the West, who have suffered most at the hands of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris – and who have somehow managed to maintain at least some of their own numinous culture or some of their own ancestral tribal ways, and who may not yet be infected that much by the Magian ethos and the new Magian mythos – should begin to free themselves from Western control and Western influence by practical and/or by “spiritual”/cultural means, which practical means includes the use of armed force, rebellion, and insurrection, and which cultural means include embracing a tribal way of life, ancestral or otherwise.

In both of these, the emphasis needs to be moved away from the traditions, the history, the past culture, the current ethos, of the indigenous peoples of the West (the White “foreign devils”) and instead directed toward either (1) that of other non-Western peoples or (2) toward a new numinous and tribal way of living for peoples of any ethnicity, White and non-White. (Footnote 5)

Thus, it is time for a genuine new beginning, away from the West of today and yesterday. Time for the crimes, the oppression, the tyranny, of the West – of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris – to be exposed, to be understood, and for Western ways, values and abstractions to be rejected in favour of the ways, the traditions, the culture, of other peoples and in favour of our new and numinous way. It is time for other peoples to cease to regard and cease to view the West, and The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, as examples to followed and admired, and for the so-called progress and the current prosperity of the West to be understood for what it is: the bloody result of centuries of colonialism; the result of centuries of exploitation of the peoples and resources of the world; the result of centuries of blackmail, extortion, plunder, war, and atrocity after atrocity; the consequence of real holocaust after real holocaust.

Indeed, it is correct to state that the barbarian peoples of the West – despite their sly propaganda to the contrary – are the most blood-thirsty people in human history, having been responsible, during their recent “Second World war” alone, for the killing of over seventy million people, which is equivalent to exterminating more than the whole population of a country such as modern day France. In addition, if one considers the slaughter that the West have been responsible for in the past one hundred and fifty years alone, it is equivalent to exterminating far more than the whole population of a populous country such as modern day Pakistan.

Therefore it is indeed time for Western ways, values and abstractions to be rejected, and for the West itself to be brought down. For the West, with its abstract nation-States, with its White Hordes of Homo Hubris in thrall to the new Magian mythos and fighting for and on behalf of that mythos, is the greatest obstacle to our further evolution; the greatest tyranny to have befallen us in our history, although few among The White Hordes realize this, so brainwashed have they been by the sly propaganda of their nations, and so unaware as they are and have been of true, the evolutionary, purpose of our individual lives. For this modern profane mechanistic materialistic tyranny has taken away from us our numinous tribal ways, taken away our numinous living culture, our empathy, and our personal honour: our freedom to live numinously.

Furthermore, the foundation, the basis, the essence, of the change required to bring about the downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and their nation-States, is the change toward creating new communities; the change toward new tribes and tribal ways of living, whether these are urban based or rural, and whether or not – in the case of non-Western lands – these are based on or inspired by surviving traditions and surviving ancestral ways. That is, there is and must be a rejection of the abstraction of The State itself, and a desire to embrace the natural, the numinous way, of tribes and clans. The way of the tribe is the way of the future; the way toward a conscious and a continuing evolution, while the way of The State is the way of restriction, of tyranny, of impersonal control.

Hence, the downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris – and of their most perfidious abstraction, the nation-State – begins with peoples external to the West, and with those of non-White ethnicity within the lands of the West. That is, it is time for the non-White peoples of the world to free themselves from the power, the influence, the control, the abstractions, the ethos, of The White Hordes, and to assert themselves; to reject the nation-State in favour of tribes; to either rediscover their own ethos, their ancestral ways, or to develope for themselves new ways, a new ethos, independent from all the un-numinous abstractions of The White Hordes.

In conclusion, the change, the evolution, that we seek to bring about is a natural one; an evolutionary return to what is numinous; a restoration of the balance that has been lost, and this is, in essence, a return to a tribal way of life, a return to and a development of empathy, and a return to the law of personal honour in place of the abstract law of The White Hordes and of the Magian.

This is an evolutionary return because it derives from a knowledge and understanding of the perfidy of abstractions – and especially the perfidy of The State and of conventional religions – and from a knowledge and understanding of ourselves as a nexion. That is, it is based on an appreciation and awareness of the numinous, and is a conscious choice to change ourselves in a natural and numinous way. It is evolutionary because there is no desire to tro to re-create some idealized past or some mythical past way of living, tribal or otherwise. Instead, there is a striving to evolve, to become part of, to bring-into-being, new tribes, to form new communities from these new tribes, and to allow the development of new and numinous and vibrant cultures from these new communities.

Then – having awoken from the abstractive illusions that currently hold most people in a dream-like sleep – we can evolve, change, and develope; we will cease to be children, and instead become mature human beings who can leave their childhood home, this planet we call Earth, evolving thus to become an entirely new species of being.

David Myatt


(1) For a general description of Homo Hubris, see (a) Homo Hubris and the Disruption of The Numinous and (b) The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context (Part Two of The Mythos of Vindex)

(2) A good example of their type of character is the figure of Alexander of Macedon, who was ruthless, cunning, ambitious, vain, arrogant, restless, insolent, who believed himself to have a “Destiny”, and who set about disrupting the ways of life of other peoples, and imposing his own way upon those he conquered, thus destroying their tribal ways and thus upsetting the natural balance which those peoples had attained over long periods of time. In place of their ancestral tribal ways – which maintained for them a connexion to the Numinous – he imposed his own lifeless abstractions.

In describing the nature and character and thus the personality, the persona, of the collective White Hordes, we are, of course, generalizing, based as this generalization is upon a study of the history of the old Europe, and upon the deeds committed by the collective White Hordes in the past thousand years, including their colonialism.

Since it is a generalization, some or indeed many individuals belonging to, or deemed to be belong to, The White Hordes may have a character, a nature, a persona, different from, or even quite distinct from, that of the collective White Hordes themselves.

(3) Communism – and all forms of political socialism – are just more un-numinous abstractions manufactured by The White Hordes and by the Magian, with all or most of these forms requiring some State for them to be, in theory, implemented or tried. Similarly, all forms of modern democracy are un-numinous abstractions and most if not all also require some State for them to be implemented or tried.

Thus, all these forms, all these abstractions – like capitalism and fascism and all conventional religions – do not and never can liberate the individual or a people and return them to a numinous way of life, but instead only serve to enslave them further to un-numinous abstractions.

(4) This new Magian manufactured mythos slyly combines several elements. The first element is the almost mythical belief that the so-called “West” (and especially America) is a bastion of “reason, justice, and freedom”; that “democracy” means “freedom and peace”; and that those who do or who may oppose the nation-States of the West (for whatever reason) are “enemies of freedom, and enemies of reason and democracy”. The second element is that the way to prosperity and “freedom” and happiness lies in accepting the values, the ways, the abstractions, of the West, such as “democracy” and usury. The third element is that the Western created “United Nations” – over which the West maintains control by means of the so-called Security Council – has a mandate to intervene in the affairs of any country, by force if necessary; impose punitive sanctions, and is generally “keeping the peace”, although of course this so-called “peace” is really submission. The fourth element is that the West – and whatever allies it deems suitable (such as the Zionist entity) – has a right, and even a duty, to possess vastly superior weapons, including nuclear weapons, which it can and which it should deny to whomsoever it chooses, so that its military power can never, ever, be challenged by conventional means.

The fifth element – and perhaps the most sly element – of the new Magian mythos is the one that binds all the others together, and this is that the West, and those chosen to be their allies, have in the last hundred years fought and won several hard, difficult, wars for their “freedom” and their “rights”, which “wars for freedom” most importantly include what is called The Second World War, where the forces of “good” (the West, their allies and friends, including the Magian) narrowly defeated the forces of “evil” (the German National-Socialists and the warriors of Nippon) with the German National-Socialists accused of being responsible for the worst atrocity in human history (the so-called Shoah) and which so-called atrocity led to the necessary establishment of the Zionist entity, which entity should therefore be supported at whatever cost, and is itself a bastion of democracy and freedom.

The final element of the new Magian mythos is the belief that the West must defend itself, “whatever the cost”; that threats to “freedom” exist now or will exist; that the security of Western nations and of their allies are vital to freedom itself, and that its people should be and are expected to make sacrifices to ensure “our continuing freedom” even if this means going to fight in some war somewhere, or supporting whatever Western security organizations do and whatever laws governments may manufacture to “protect their freedom and their national security”.

Most if not all the peoples of the West accept and believe in most if not all of this modern mythos.

(5) Basically, the White peoples of the West need to cure themselves of their addiction to, and their desire to manufacture, abstractions, as they need to reform their own character by developing empathy, by re-engaging with and respecting the numinous, and by returning to and embracing the individual way of individual honour. Fundamentally, they need to reject the abstractions of the nation-State, of conventional “religions” and the causality of all “politics”, and instead embrace a new and tribal way of living.

Thus, it is not a question of ethnicity or of ethnic conflict – but rather the opposite; bringing-into-being in the West new ethnically diverse tribes. It is a question of all peoples – but especially the White peoples of the West – rejecting lifeless abstractions and adopting instead numinous ways based upon a new tribal way of life.

The Barbaric Nature of Prison

Prisons are barbaric because they all treat individuals in an uncivilized, a dishonourable, way. This society, like all other Western societies and indeed all societies in the world, accepts Prisons, and regards them as necessary.

Prisons are inhuman because they use the tactics of the cowardly bully; that is, they are based upon the law of the bully: those who have power (the Prison guards, the Prison officials such as the Governor) demand that prisoners do what they are told or they will suffer. And those in power have the right, the authority, to use whatever force they deem necessary to enforce their will. Thus, if someone does not “behave” and do as they are told and live in the degrading way which all Prisons demand, then they can be physically subdued, thrown into a special punishment cell, and punished by being given a longer prison sentence. Quite often, such troublesome inmates are physically attacked by the guards: “to teach them a lesson and show them who is the boss”. This is ignoble; it is barbaric.

Successive governments have accepted and condoned this barbarism, this institutional bullying. In the so-called “democratic” countries of the West, this bullying is most often a moral type of blackmail: “Do what we say and you will be released from Prison early. Disobey us, and we will keep you in Prison for longer.” But even in these countries there is often real bullying, real physical intimidation of inmates, by both guards and fellow prisoners.

Prison is an affront to human dignity; it is denial of the most fundamental rights of a human being. Prisons treat people like animals: caging them; punishing those who “misbehave” and rewarding those who do what they are told. The system only works because the inmates know that they are powerless: any attempt at rebellion will be swiftly put down by extreme, brutal and if necessary lethal force, as has happened many times in the past. So the inmates are cowered into submission, into accepting, year after year after year, the degrading way of life which exists in all Prisons.

The conditions inside modern Prisons in our society may be better than in the past – plentiful food, warmth and so on – but otherwise Prisons are still barbaric, primitive institutions based upon the law of the bully and dedicated to enforcing the dictates, the authority, of the government of the day. Prisons have made bullying into an art.

Primative Retribution verses Civilized Change

Whatever a person has done – or is alleged to have done – nothing justifies this institutionalized bullying, this inhuman, degrading treatment.

No society which accepts and condones Prisons can call itself a civilized society. It is uncivilized, inhuman, for a society to accept and condone the concept, the idea, of forcefully punishing a person for doing what that society has made “illegal” through some law or laws. The whole concept, the idea, of some government, some Institution, exacting “retribution” from a person by confining them to Prison is uncivilized.

No words are too strong to condemn the idea of Prison, and the barbaric system of retribution, of “criminal law”, which underlies all modern societies. For these societies are based upon the primitive uncivilized idea that people cannot fundamentally change, and should seldom if ever be given a “second chance”.

The civilized way, the human way – the way of Folk Culture – is for those found guilty of some wrongful deed to be given a choice between: (1) making amends in some way, through voluntary work in the community or through compensating their victims or victims financially, which may involve the offender working in a job for a set period and giving most of their earnings to the victim or victims; (2) exile, that is, through leaving the society and making a new life for themselves somewhere else.

That is, the civilized way, the human way, is to respect the dignity of the person, whatever that person has done or is alleged to have done: to still allow them a choice; to still allow them to be free; and most important of all to allow for them to change themselves for the better through honest hard work.

The very foundation of civilized life is freedom: the ability of the individual to be free, to have a choice; to be able to decide their own fate. And it is this freedom, and the honour and dignity which goes with it, that society has taken away with its primitive idea of punitive punishment, of primative retribution, and its primitive institution of Prison.

It must be repeated: Whatever a person has done – or is alleged to have done – nothing justifies this institutionalized bullying, this inhuman, degrading treatment.

What is uncivilized is to deprive an individual of their freedom, for however short a time: to force them, either physically through superior force, or morally through moral blackmail, to do as they are told.

What is uncivilized is to forcefully restrain a person: to fetter them in any way, through handcuffs, or chains, or any form of restraint, including the use of “medicines”. To do this, is to treat a human being like an animal: it is to deny their human status.

Such a use of force, such a taking away of the liberty of the individual, is barbaric.

The Modern Idea of Rehabilitation of Offenders

Of course, most modern societies have tried in some ways to move toward the “rehabilitation of offenders” but this is mostly done within the Prison system. That is, the bullying, undignified way of life of Prisons is still the basis for dealing with offenders. All that has been done is to try and give those in Prison some training, some skills, so that when they are released, they may stand a better chance of getting a job.

The fundamental way of dealing with offenders is still the same as it was: the severe punishment of removing them from society, from their family and friends, and condemning them to live as caged animals. Well fed, and sometimes “well treated” by their guards, but nonetheless still caged like animals, and still treated according to the law of the bully.

The Civilized Way of Exile

Some people cannot or do not wish to change, as some people may not initially benefit from being given a second chance. The civilized way to deal with such people – that is, with those who have not benefited from having to work to recompense their victim or victims, and/or who continue to re-offend – is to exile them; to remove them from society and thus make them into “outlaws”.

The problem with this, in this modern world, is that there are now few, if any, areas where people can be exiled to, or where such outlaws could go. Few, if any, nations in the world today would accept such exiles. There are few, if any, opportunities today for such exiles to start a new life, to make something out of themselves.

That this is so is a sad reflection on the modern world: on its lack of humanity, based as this lack of humanity is on a primitive, uncivilized, irrational, view of human nature itself.

To be civilized is to be optimistic about human nature: to accept that most people, given the right circumstances, and the opportunity, can change themselves for the better. To be civilized is to accept that there are few really bad people in this world, and that most people who offend some law or other, can change for the better, can contribute in a positive way, given the right circumstances, the right opportunity, and most importantly given the right difficulties to overcome.

The civilized way is to allow for such a change in people: to give them a chance, and present them with challenges and difficulties, for most human beings, when faced with problems, with great difficulties, with great challenges – whatever their past deeds – will rise to the challenge.

Lacking vast, underpopulated, ungoverned, undiscovered, pioneering areas and territories – which would provide the opportunities, the difficulties exiles needed to change – the civilized thing to do is for nations to get together and establish some area, some territory, where exiles can go to and live. Or failing this, for one nation, opting to live in a civilized way and so abolish its Prisons, to set aside an area of its own territory for such exiles: where those exiled can freely live and which that nation has declared to be “outside the law”, with there being an established and guarded border.

Bad by Nature

Of course, even given such opportunities as this, given such places of exile as these, there will probably always be a few individuals who by nature are bad and who will never change.

How to deal will this small minority? Such really bad people – who have not been reformed through honest hard work – will be exiled, and having been exiled, will be free to prey upon other exiles: free to do bad and possibly terrible things. But such bad people will always be exiled as individuals; they will arrive in the outlaw territory by themselves, and given the fact that these bad people will be in a minority even in such outlaw territory, they will have to face others who are not so bad as them and who will not be prepared to be bullied or intimidated by such people.

What is important about exile, about an outlaw country – a place where there is no established law – is that individuals have the freedom, and the ability, to defend themselves. That is, that the only law in such places is the law of personal honour: people are responsible for themselves. They have the freedom to act: to determine their own future.

Naturally, they may well be gangs of bad people formed, or gangs led by a bad person, who will prey upon other exiles. But it is up to these other exiles to deal with this, through defending themselves. They will at least have the opportunity, the freedom, to do this, and may well seek other people like themselves, and so join together to fight these bad gangs. History is replete with such examples: indeed, the creation of civilization itself arose from such conflict, from free men and women, fundamentally good in nature, getting together to take on those who were bad in nature or being led by someone who was bad.

The knowledge of such things as this in such outlaw territories will be sufficient reason for some offenders – given the choice of exile – to decide against exile, just as it will make others, both bad in nature and good in nature, willingly take or accept such exile.

In a sense, such bad people as will exist in such outlaw lands will be dealt with by Nature: by the natural process of growth, of change; by the natural processes, the natural laws, which exist and have always existed.

New Communities

What will happen over time in such outlaw territories is that a balance will be attained between those who have made something of themselves, and changed for the better, and those who are and who will remain, bad in nature, with there being “wild” areas controlled by these bad people, and areas controlled by those who wish to live with some kind of “law and order”.

It may well be that, over time, those who have changed will want to control in some way those who live in such uncontrolled areas, and so desire to bring their own new laws into these “wild areas”.

So it may well be that a new community is one day born in the outlaw territory, with its own identity, its own unique way of life, its own character, thus beginning a new episode in the saga of our human history, of our continuing change and evolution. For this new society may and should wish to continue the human way of living, and so desire to create its own area where it can send its own exiles…..

This natural, organic, civilized change and human progress can and should go on, century after century. One day in the not too distant future, we should establish our first colonies on other worlds – perhaps at first on the planet Mars, and then later on, on some planet orbiting some far distant star. The way of exile is the way such colonies can grow: the way we as a species can and should continue growing; the way we can and should produce new cultures, new nations, new diversity.

Understood in this way, the way of the present – of Prisons, of bullying – is incredibly wasteful of our human potential, condemning us as it does to living in a primitive, inhuman, way.

In contrast to the present, the way of exile, of reform, is our opportunity to act like human beings: an opportunity to treat others in a human way, as well as an opportunity to continue the saga of our human evolution.

David Myatt
c. 1998 CE