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Liber Dabih

A compilation of some of Myatt’s works, spanning the years 1984 CE to 2008 CE and entitled Liber Dabih, is currently available for download from Heresy Press at

Liber Dabih

The compilation – in pdf format and of approx 700 pages – includes some of Myatt’s poetry, letters, and early National Socialist writings, and was originally compiled and distributed by The Black Glyph Society, an Australian esoteric group. It contains a commentary about Myatt by members of that group, as well as the highly suppositious and very contentious (and since revised) “chronology of Anton Long’s life” written by a member of the ONA, and first distributed in January 2009 CE.

Furthermore, since no dates are appended to any of the items by Myatt contained in this compilation, and there is only one of Myatt’s hundreds of essays about Islam, our advise is caveat lector.




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