David Myatt: Mage For Our Times?

Mad Mage Myatt

Mad Mage Myatt

Introduction – The Names of David Myatt

David Myatt has many names – the majority attributed to him by others, and some which he himself uses, or has used. Perhaps the name most associated, by others, with him is that of Anton Long, GrandMaster of the sinister Occult group The Order of Nine Angles (See Footnote 1).  Another name, conferred on him some decades ago by some of his closest friends, is The Mage, and this name has now passed into more general usage among the worldwide sinister-kindred of the ONA in the form of either The Mad Mage (Footnote 2) or its American variant of Mad Mu Mu, a variant conferred upon him by two young women of the ONA nexion (WSA352) based in Orange County, California, and now in general usage among the sinister-kindred of the ONA, with Mu-Mu also being a kind of esoteric code for the Numinous Dark Way which WSA352 and its kindred groups propagates, based as this Way is on what is called the new clans of the ONA:

” As Myatt pointed out, Clans are the future and a causal manifestation of putting the principles of empathy and compassion into real practice. To empathize with our own Clan folk. To care for them, as they will for us. To provide for them, as they will provide for us. To labor for their needs and interests, as they will work to satisfy our own needs and interests. To work together towards self-reliance for the sake of our progeny, so they may inherit a better life, free of the suffering that plagues our own.

By adopting and implementing the “Myattian Imperative,” and working towards a reasonable manifestation of a functioning Clan; our 352 will be setting itself apart from other ONA nexions; and other modern institutions. Taking a progressive step forwards into the future, if you will. Thus, we can’t convert or force others to join our nexion. This nexion of ours must itself attract to it those that resonate with our aura who will live by our oaths, rules, laws, and by the Code of Honour; and the Myattian Way. With time, so long as our children and generations continue to reach for the stars, we will slowly make our way towards that Numinous Dark above. ” Kayla: Toward The Numinous Dark (First Epistle of WSA352)

Mage Myatt

Conventionally, a Mage is defined as a sorcerer, or wizard, and – slightly less conventionally – is the name given to a Tarot card, one of the Major Arcana, more normally called The Magician or The Juggler.

As often in such matters, the Order of Nine Angles has its own definition of the term Mage, stating that it is one of the seven stages of their Seven Fold Sinister Way, associated with the stage, or esoteric grade, of Grand Master/Grand Mistress. That is, it refers to an individual who, by virtue of their practical experience, and knowledge of, the sinister (the Dark Side; the Left Hand Path) has achieved a great understanding and knowledge of themselves, and of esoteric matters in general, and who has acquired, and practised, certain esoteric (Occult) skills. These skills, according to the ONA, include those relating to the use of Aeonic Magick.

What is especially interesting is that the ONA associates the Mage (and to a lesser extent, the Master/Mistress of The Dark Arts) with skill in shapeshifting; by which they mean not the mythological ability of a living human being to somehow transform themselves into animals or even into an entirely different human body, but rather the practical ability to successfully assume various rôles, identities, or personae: to live, to be, to act out the life, undetected, of someone else, and all for the purpose of attaining self-knowledge and self-understanding, and for the doing of deeds of sinister Aeonic Magick ( Footnote 3).

This proficiency in the dark and esoteric art of shapeshifting – one of the qualities of a genuine Mage (according to the ONA and other sinister groups) – most certainly applies to the life of David Myatt himself, whose rôles, identities, and personae, have included hermit, monk, drifter, neo-nazi street thug, convict, poet, mystic, radical Islamist preaching Jihad, lothario, theoretician of terror, and sorcerer.

The Mythos of Vindex and The Mage of Dark Imperium

In this instance of shapeshifting, there are some possible parallels with the legendary life of the mythological figure Merlin, to whom was also attributed the skill of shapeshifting. Indeed, there are some other similarities between Myatt’s varied life and the legendary lives of the wizards Myrddin Wyllt and Myrddin Emrys on whom the mythological, archetypal, figure of Merlin is said to be based.

For instance, Myrddin Wyllt is described as “mad”, and as having taken to living in the wilds after being overcome with sorrow at the suffering he had caused in one battle after another; which rather reminds me of Myatt’s recent life as a rural recluse, and his recent development (2006-2009) of his Numinous Way based, as he described it, on his pathei mathos and his sorrow at the suffering (and deaths) he had caused and incited in the decades of his violent political and religious activism.

For instance, Myrddin Emrys is described in some (often aural) pre-Malory accounts as falling rather hopelessly in love with a beautiful and enchanting woman, the Nimue of later embellished legend, with this tragic love leading – in those early accounts – to Merlin’s return to solitude and to the death of Nimue by drowning in a lake (Footnote 4), with later accounts embellishing and changing the story to have Nimue bewitch Merlin, steal his esoteric powers, and be the cause of his death, with her becoming a femme fatale akin to Morgan le Fey. This rather reminds me of the events leading to the suicide of Myatt’s fiancée in 2006; for he, by his own account, had fallen deeply in love with this beautiful woman – described in a letter to Myatt by one of her close friends as “an enchantress; she resembled nothing so much as a deity of the ancient world. And like such a deity she was wilful, capricious, and we didn’t care because we were too taken up with adoring her. It’s been a privilege to know her…” (Footnote 5) It was, possibly, this one tragic very personal event that led Myatt to reconsider yet again all his previously held beliefs and views, to his return to a more reclusive existence, to his further development of his Numinous Way philosophy, and thus possibly led to his recent rejection of Islam as his chosen way of life.


However, there are some other, perhaps more interesting and certainly more relevant, parallels, also. In particular, Myatt’s mythos of Vindex.

It is this mythos – an integral and important part of the ONA – which, in my view, sets Myatt (aka Anton Long) apart from all his contemporaries, both esoteric, and otherwise, and which clearly distinguish him from the likes of currently better known Occult figures such as Crowley and Anton La Vey, which figures Myatt claims are part of the Magian distortion – part of the problem – and not a solution to them.

Myatt’s mythos of Vindex – which he has expounded in his book The Mythos of Vindex (Footnote 6)- is fundamentally not some mere millennial vision or even some academic theory, but rather a carefully crafted and sinister methodology whose aims are the creation of both a new type of human being and a new type of society. These aims are grounded in the person Myatt calls Vindex, the revolutionary warrior leader who challenges the Old Order by force of arms and who, with his (or her) clans and allies, establishes new communities based on clan and tribal lines, and who thus becomes the genesis of a future “Dark Imperium”.

It is my view – which I explained in my essay David Myatt and The Quest For Vindex (dated June 2009 AD) – that

” Myatt conceived, created and implemented the ONA to achieve certain goals, one of which was and is to counter the Magian ethos and another of which was to train individuals and send them out, into the world, to undermine and disrupt the status quo as a prelude to the practical revolution Myatt has always regarded as necessary for the destruction of the Old Order and the emergence of a new order based upon his law of personal honor. “

That is, the ONA – and the people involved with it and inspired by it – are one practical means whereby Vindex can be anticipated, aided by dark sorcery, aided by practical means, and the enemies of Vindex fought on both the practical, and the Occult, level.

In my essay David Myatt and The Quest For Vindex I also wrote that

” There is, in my view, a rigorous consistently to Myatt’s life, writings and involvements, which his many, and vocal, detractors have overlooked. Myatt has also undertaken, it seems, something of personal, interior, spiritual, quest – leaving behind the racism of National Socialism (and, now, apparently according to some rumors, also radical Islam) to develope his own, unique and ethical, philosophy, that of The Numinous Way, based on the principles of empathy, compassion, and personal honor; which philosophy he now regards as the way of life appropriate to and for the new type of human beings who, he envisages will explore and settle the planets around the star systems of our Galaxy. “

Myatt’s complex Vindex mythos is also thus a prophecy – of events yet to be, events which he and his ONA associates darkly desire to be made reality, and which they actively seek to bring about by their deeds, both through practical means and by means of dark sorcery.

Thus, the relation of Myatt to Vindex as quite similar to the relation between Merlin and Arthur. Vindex is the champion of Myatt’s Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honor; and Myatt – and his sinister ONA cohorts, present and future – are the sorcerers and the sorceresses who nurture, aid, advise, and protect, Vindex and his (or her) elite warrior clans. For Myatt, Vindex is above all else a practical warrior, who “by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world…” (Footnote 7)

One of Myatt’s recent ONA associates, a young Californian woman, interestingly of Latino ethnicity, wrote that

” Whether it was for National-Socialism, his Numinous Way, or his Order of Nine Angles; he [Myatt] imbued the same Myattian ethos, concepts and vision into all his writings and institutions he fathered. Calling our eyes up towards the Cosmos to awaken us to our galactic destiny and providing us a means for striving for that distant dream. ” Toward The Numinous Dark (First Epistle of WSA352)

One of these means is Vindex; another is Myatt’s concept of new clans and tribes based upon his Law of Personal Honor, his Law of the New Aeon. Another is his Weltanschauung of Ethical National Socialism, embodied in his Reichsfolk group. Another of these means is his mystical philosophy of The Numinous Way. Yet another of these means is the ONA itself, whose stated aim is to create a new type of human being (partly using various esoteric Dark Arts) and have these new human beings create new types of societies.  As the young Californian woman writes in the article quoted above, these are “the theories and principles of a new and progressive humanity…” They are all thus – according to Myatt’s associates – prophecies of an entirely new age; prophecies made by Myatt, The Mage, who has captured, refined and expressed an entirely new ethos.

The Ethos of Cosmic Exploration and the Progression of Humanity

Myatt’s new ethos is particularly expressed by three things. By the fact that his Vindex can be (or may already be) a man or a woman.  By the fact that Myatt does not limit or link Vindex and his (or her) warrior clans to any specific ethnicity or any specific culture; and by the fact that Myatt places the law of personal honor at the very centre of things, thus making it the very practical foundation of the new way of life that Vindex introduces, based as this way of life is on clans and tribes rather than upon nations and States. (Footnote 8)

Thus, Myatt’s ethos – his Mythos of Vindex just as much as his practical and Occult deeds as a sorcerer, a Mage – is most certainly not what most if not all of his critics have assumed. That is, Myatt is not now – if he ever was, as himself, as The Mage – propagating some form of violent racism and white supremacist neo-nazism, and not, ultimately, seeking to create some fascist State or some fascist Empire or even some Islamist Khilafah.

Rather, he is propagating a progressive methodology to, in his words, “establish an entirely new and conscious and thus more potent expression of the numinous itself. This new and numinous way of living replaces the impersonal tyranny of the State with the way of the clan and the tribe; it replaces the abstraction of politics, and of democracy, with personal loyalty to an honourable, noble, clan or tribal leader…”

Hence, he, and his various associates currently scattered around the world, are striving to replace the old ways of nation and State – and their laws – with a new type of clan and tribe centred around the law of personal honor and the personal dignity that abiding by a code of honor brings to individuals, with these new clans and tribes forming new cultural communities, and while neither Myatt nor (so far as I know) any of his associates uses or has used the term a new golden age, that is, essentially, what they are about, with this new era having to be, according to Myatt, brought into being by force of arms under the leadership, the guidance, of Vindex, whose warriors will become akin, in my view, to new “Knights of a new Round Table”.

According to Myatt

” Vindex restores to the modern world the fundamental principle of true, natural justice: the personal justice based on the rule of personal honour, which thus gives to the individual a genuine freedom. ”  Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian

This restoration will, according to Myatt, begin the necessary change that will lead, some time in the future, to the exploration and colonization of the star-systems of our Galaxy, which exploration and colonization, will be, according to Mage Myatt, the practical genesis of not only news ways of living and new communities, but also of our continued and necessary evolution as a species.

As one of Myatt’s associates writes

” The ONA is the Methodology thru which those theories and principles are transmutated into future galactic civilization….. Aeonic engineering is required to consciously create a future… Thus the ONA as a means to apply and use such principles via aeonic engineering, to manifest a willed future is a crucial [an alchemical crucible] factor/nexion between the theories and principles we have today – and the evolved humanity and celestial civilization of tomorrow. “

Accordingly, one might conclude that it is Myatt as sinister Mage who will be remembered, and that it will be his mythos, his prophecies, of Vindex, and his practical work to prepare the way for Vindex, that will be his enduring legacy, long after his outward, shapeshifting, rôles as neo-nazi and radical Islamist have been forgotten.

JR Wright
August 5, 2009 AD


(1) I, along with many other people who have studied the life and works of David Myatt, am of the view that Anton Long was and still is a pseudonym used by Myatt, and thus that the ONA represents Myatt’s alter ego – one of Myatt’s many and very diverse personae; or, more correctly, the ONA is an important, if not the central, part of his inner and outer life.

For an overview of the ONA, refer to such ONA manuscripts as The Quintessence of the ONA: The Sinister Returning (dated 119 Year of Fayen) and A Brief Explanation of The Dark Tradition, and Sinister Mythos, of the Order of Nine Angles [ONA Esoteric Notes 103a] (dated 119 Year of Fayen).

(2) The term “Mad Mage” was first used in a self-mocking way by Myatt himself in letters written to a “long-standing academic friend” of his in the 1980’s, and whose letters to Myatt often began Dear Mage.  Myatt has since stated that he has no objection whatsoever to anyone applying the term Mad Mage to him, in either a friendly, or less than friendly, manner, because he is “rather averse to adulation and especially to sycophancy” and so believes that describing him thus deflates his own ego and might help toward an objective assessment, by others, of his life and works. Private Letter to JR Wright, dated 13.vi.09 CE

(3) Refer, for instance, to ONA manuscripts such as An Introduction to Insight Rôles (dated 119 Year of Fayen) where both personal and aeonic Insight Rôles are discussed.

(4) This death (her suicide by drowning) became one basis for the legend of The Lady of The Lake, with Nimue being reborn, after her mortal death, as The Lady of The Lake.

(5) The letter is dated 5th June 2006 (a week after her death), and Myatt read aloud to me the relevant paragraph during his visit to me on the second anniversary of her death, thus honouring – by so reading aloud only that part – the letter writer’s stipulation to “show this [letter] to nobody else…”

(6) So far, only extracts from the first two parts of this work, by Myatt, have been published (both in 2009). Part One is entitled Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian, and Part Two, The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context.

However, the mythos is explained and described in many ONA works, and in many of Myatt’s other writings, both published and unpublished, dating from 1984 to 2008 AD. Thus, his book The Mythos of Vindex is more a compilation, and an elaboration, of these other, older, scattered works of his.

(7) Quoted from Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian, Part One of Myatt’s work, The Mythos of Vindex.

(8) For these points, see, for example, Part One of Myatt’s work, The Mythos of Vindex.


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