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Perspicacious Comment About Myatt


David Myatt 1995 CE

David Myatt 1995 CE

Perspicacious Comment About David Myatt

Given below is a comment about David Myatt, recently posted on an Internet forum by a user named Silvertongue.

The forum in question is for ENFP types – that’s those who identify with a particular Jungian personality type, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Thus, as you might imagine, this is not your typical dumb-ass Internet forum.

This comment is one of the most illuminating – one of the most perspicacious – I’ve come across concerning David Myatt, exposing as it does (IMO) the real Myatt and his real aims: which are, first, to develop a new species of human beings (Homo Galacticus), not be eugenics or anything so passée, but by having individuals accept and overcome physical, psychic, intellectual, and social, challenges (pathei-mathos), and, second, the exploration and colonization of the stars, which of itself, in his view will, aid and produce this new species. Myatt has devoted his whole adult life to these objectives – to Vindex, and the emergence of a Galactic Imperium.

” I think you would really get a lot out of… investigating ”David Myatt” and ”Anton Long” (they’re the same person, despite their denials of this). Don’t stop when you see that he’s a Nazi or Muslim fundamentalist or a Satanist or a whatever else… go beyond media reports etc. to the sites actually dedicated to working out what he’s truly about. One of the most interesting characters of our century or any other.

The more you read about him, the less you’ll be sure of, the more interesting he’ll become….

You’ll see why its relevant during your research. He’s something of an inspiration for me, although I was unaware of his work before I began mine. I have to admit that he’s more skilled than I am (although, when I’m really trying, I’m a better writer. The deofel quintet is truly awful).

A hint that will help you understand: his work with the order of nine angles is closer to the core than his work as a Muslim fundamentalist or a Nazi, but it is not the core. Look beyond, beyond the forms he uses. Look to how he manipulates those forms in order to achieve different ends.

He’s not a Satanist or a Nazi or a Muslim, essentially. Those are forms which he has, very effectively, manipulated to the extent that his individual agenda (wyrd) has become a permanent and self-propagating aspect of those subcultures. Modern national socialism and modern occultism, for example, have both been deeply influenced. Those may seem like backwaters– but they’re significant subcultures which have the power to affect society by their relationship to it, the degree to which they are in antipathy with other subcultures, and the way in which they attract and alter a certain kind of individual who is hugely influential upon society (the ”shaman”, the true priest, the poet).

By altering those forms, he essentially alters the subtle structure of all society. Also consider that subcultures such as occultism significantly affect more mainstream media (because creators of such are often drawn to them in youth etc), and that by permanently influencing the nature of such a subculture, the media which determines the psychophysiological environment of all society can be altered.

The forms are not the message. Satanism is not the message. Nazism is not the message. Islam is not the message. They are manipulated to become vessels for Myatt’s agenda (the stars?). Believe me, you will find curious research on this fascinating.”

Personally, I agree with the comment above about the Deofel Quintet – for it’s not great writing, and not in the same league as newer fiction such as Eulalia, Dark Daughter of Baphomet, and In The Sky of Dreaming.

But I guess the Deofel Quintet served a useful function in it’s now gone day – which was being read aloud to a small group of Occult initiates, in an intimate candle-lit setting. You no doubt can imagine the clichéd scene – ” It was a dark and stormy night, but inside the Satanic temple it was warm with a roaring log fire…”

Or something such as  – ” Are you sitting comfortably, children? Then I’ll begin. Once upon a time….”

Lianna of Thee Darky Sox
122 yf

P.S. Read more about Myatt and Vindex at Myatt and the Quest for Vindex.

P.P.S. (For the MOAC) – I was gonna use the spelling develope to yank your chain, but thought this comment would be even more fun.


Un site français vend du David Myatt

Le livre de David Myatt, néo-nazi convertit à l’Islam : “Aryanisme : la religion nationale-socialiste” est en vente en France sur le site librad, site de VPC proche du réseau VOXNR (animateur : Christian Bouchet) et des éditions Dualpha et Avatar (dirigés par Philippe Randa). Rappelons que Christian Bouchet fut, dernièrement, en seconde position sur la liste FN au régional en Loire Atlantique. Briguant la tête de liste, celle-ci lui échappa suite à la montée des protestations provenant de la tendance catholique du FN. Adepte comme David Myatt, de l’ésotérisme et de l’Islam, le sieur Bouchet n’en finit pas de faire parler de lui. Une situation qui n’est pas pour déplaire à l’individu pour qui la reconnaissance est un principe primordial. Un égocentrisme à la hauteur de l’incohérence de son idéal.


David Myatt and National Socialism – A Reappraisal

Editorial Note: While I personally disagree with the views and conclusions of the author of the following article about Myatt, I publish it here in line with the policy of this blog – aboutmyatt – which is to present both pro and contra views about Myatt.

David Myatt and National Socialism – A Reappraisal

Many people have assumed that David Myatt – the author of numerous National Socialist writings, and founder and leader of the British neo-nazi group, The National-Socialist Movement – renounced his neo-nazi views when he converted to Islam in 1998. This opinion about him is one held today by many of those those associated with extreme Right-Wing political organizations.

David Myatt 1995 CE (full size image)

David Myatt 1995 CE

click on image to view full-size

However, I believe this assumption is wrong, and that Myatt, far from renouncing National Socialism (or, as he writes it – National-Socialism), has in fact spent the twelve years since his conversion to Islam creating and propagating a revised, more modern, version of National Socialism, which he calls ethical National-Socialism, and that he has continued what he has described, many times, as his life-long struggle against the perfidy of the Magian (Footnote 1).

Myatt certainly has never, even as a Muslim, publicly renounced his belief that Hitler was a good man, and in fact wrote several essays, as a Muslim, praising the warrior spirit of the SS. According to Professor George Michael (Footnote 2), Myatt has “arguably done more than any other theorist to develop a synthesis of the extreme right and Islam.” Myatt, also, has never publicly, even as a Muslim, condemned National Socialism.

This is Myatt, writing as a Muslim, years after his conversion –

” I have never, in my heart and mind, renounced my belief in Adolf Hitler as a good man, an honourable man, who… strove to create a just and noble society, and who was destroyed by the ignoble machinations of those opposed to what is good and who have spread dishonourable lies about him, his followers and his Cause. Thus it is that I find I cannot denounce this noble man and those who fought and died for the cause he upheld, as I cannot and will not denounce those who today honourably (and I stress honourably) continue the struggle in his name and who respect the Way of Life which is Al-Islam and who thus see we who are Muslims as allies in the fight against our common enemy. Thus it is that I continued for several years, after my reversion, with Reichsfolk – an honourable organization striving to presence something of the Numen I believe was manifest in National-Socialist Germany and in and through the life of Adolf Hitler.”    Autobiographical Notes, Part 2, dated 1422 AH

” The currently unpopular and often censored truth of our times is that National-Socialist Germany – what it had evolved to be by the beginning of The First Zionist War – was a modern mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos, and stood in complete and stark contrast to the materialism, the hubris, of the Magian and their allies and servants in the West, represented by the arrogant, profane, White Hordes of Homo Hubris. Furthermore, had NS Germany not been defeated by The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and by the machinations of the Magian, there is almost no doubt that it would have evolved further to become the genesis of a new numinous resurgence, and restored to the West, and other lands, that connexion to the numinous which centuries of plunder, exploitation, greed, abstractions, and dishonourable war had severed…”  Mythos of Vindex, Chapter 2 (The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context), undated, but c. 2009 CE

” The simple reality is that the Zionists and the Amerikans and their allies are lying, deceitful, hypocritical, dishonourable bullies, while the Mujahideen – as were the vast majority of the soldiers of the Third Reich – are honourable warriors fighting for a just, anti-Zionist, cause…

There certainly were many who fought and who died for Adolf Hitler, and for their fatherland, who were striving to act in an honourable way, and indeed many – such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle, Hans Ulrich Rudel and Major-General Otto Ernst Remer – who not only did act honourably, but who embodied the true, non-racist, spirit of Hitler’s National-Socialism…

I still respect genuine National-Socialists – of whom there are very few, today – as I do understand how genuine National-Socialism can create a somewhat more noble society than exists in any Western land today…”    Islam, National-Socialism, and Honour, dated 1430 AH

Conversion to Islam

In July 2000, Searchlight, the anti-fascist magazine, described Myatt as “the most ideologically-driven Nazi in Britain, preaching race war and terrorism”, and although Myatt converted to Islam in 1998, he continued, until at least 2002, openly writing about National Socialism. These writings included his now well-known article, since translated into many languages, Why National-Socialism Is Not Racist, and his holocaust-denial essay, The Holocaust: Truth and Reason verses Zionist Propaganda.

In addition, he began codifying the weltanschaaung of his Reichsfolk organization, culminating in the collection, first issued in 2002, entitled Ethical National-Socialism: A Collection of Essays. He also issued, in 2003, a collection entitled, National-Socialism and Islam – The Case for Cooperation. Interestingly, both of these collections were updated, and subsequently re-issued, the latest edition of both appearing, under the Reichsfolk imprint, in 2009.

Did Myatt sincerely convert to Islam, or did come to regard Islam – or at least radical Islam – as just a better way of fighting his main enemy, the Magian?

There are very good reasons to believe the latter. For instance, The Times newspaper article about him, in 2006, stated that –

Myatt said recently that he had given up hope of a breakthrough by the far Right and believed that Muslims were the best hope for combating Zionism and the West.

“There will not be an uprising, a revolution, in any Western nation, by nationalists, racial nationalists, or National Socialists — because these people lack the desire, the motivation, the ethos, to do this and because they do not have the support of even a large minority of their own folk…
The pure authentic Islam of the revival, which recognises practical jihad as a duty, is the only force that is capable of fighting and destroying the dishonour, the arrogance, the materialism of the West.”

In a article titled A Covert Life, written in 2001 (dated 112 yf), and circulated privately among Reichsfolk members, Myatt wrote that:

“…with Islam I had an ulterior motive, at least initially. In addition to seeking some aid or support for the overthrow of ZOG, I wondered if it might be possible to create some kind of Aryan Islam – some kind of group to express Aryan culture and identity within the confines of Islam. In the end I concluded it was not possible, just as once again I found only National-Socialism to fully and rationally answer all the questions about life, existence, and our identity, as human beings.

Q: What about some of the articles you wrote – or allegedly wrote – while a Muslim?

A: Some of these were a ploy; others, a deception, to confuse and if possible divert the attention of the enemy. It does say in the National-Socialist Code of Honour that a man of honour may use guile and cunning to deceive a sworn enemy!

Q: Which was and is still ZOG?

A: Yes. I was still fighting the same war; still trying to achieve the aims I had set myself over twenty-five years earlier.

Q: Of using covert means – and what has become known as “leaderless resistance” – to bring about a revolution?

A: Indeed. We are at war. Years ago, I issued a public declaration of war against ZOG. Until we National-Socialists have won this war and created our own Aryan nation where we can live in freedom according to our own Aryan customs, this war continues, by whatever means are necessary and practical. “

Perhaps unluckily for Myatt, someone in America (probably Harold Covington) took it upon themselves to publish this article in the neo-nazi Invictus magazine, and it was then posted on the neo-pagan Skadi internet forum, where it remained, in relative obscurity, for many years. The publication of this essay was unluckily for Myatt in that it really did give the game away about his conversion to Islam, and Myatt had to hastily pen and issue some personal statements – one of which was rather grandiosely titled A Statement for Journalists – in which he proclaimed that, yes, he was a Muslim, and, no, he now had no political views because he was just a simple Muslim.

Just as telling about Myatt’s motivation was the fact that a comprehensive selection of Myatt’s National Socialist writings occupied, for over ten years, a prominent – if not a pre-eminent place – on the website of the American neo-nazi organization, Aryan Nations, until this year (2010) when the website was shut-down by its ISP for breaching their Terms and Conditions. Myatt the Muslim was known to have cooperated with the leader of Aryan Nations, August Kries, in his attempt to forge an alliance between neo-Nazis and radical Muslims.

As Myatt told Professor Michael in an interview in 2003 – parts of which interview were included in Michael’s book, The Enemy of My Enemy published in 2006,

” We should be aiming to create a world where there is a National-Socialist – or Aryan – society in a country such as America, and where there is a Khilafah in the Muslim world, with these two societies co-operating together for their own mutual advantage…

As for myself, I am committed to Folk Culture, which I understand to be the esoteric aspect of National-Socialism: what National-Socialism is evolving to become. “

Thus, in private, and to selected individuals, Myatt seemed happy to confirm that he was still at heart a Nazi; while, in public, from 2003 until at least 2009, he portrayed himself as a Muslim who had no political views, who had left his neo-nazi past behind, and who supported both bin Laden and the Taliban, and their campaign against the West, where by the term West, Myatt as Muslim meant the Magian controlled System, aka ZOG.

Meanwhile, Myatt had, throughout all his years as a Muslim, continued to write and issue National Socialist tracts, under the imprint of Reichsfolk, and although he often used the term Folk Culture in preference to National Socialism, one had only to substitute one term for other for his intent and real views to become clear.

His intent – clearly evident from all his writings for Reichsfolk, about Folk Culture, and more recently about what he calls The Numinous Way (Footnote 3) – is to create new societies, in Western Europe, America, and elsewhere.

It seems clear, therefore, that – despite Myatt’s many pubic denials – he regarded Islam as merely a useful and effective means in the world-wide struggle to overthrow ZOG (aka The Magian aka Jewish influence) and that his real interest lay in creating new societies based on ethnic tribes and clans.

Leaving Islam

By late 2009 it was becoming obvious that Myatt had become disillusioned with the cause of radical Islam. In an Addendum to the yearly Reichsfolk Situation Report (Footnote 4) dated 121 yf (that is, 2009), an anonymous author (clearly Myatt) wrote that,

” The situation in the Muslim world continues to deteriorate, with Magian forces, led by Amerika, intent on pursuing their campaign against freedom fighters in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

The pattern revealed in Iraq is set to be repeated – that is, the collaboration of many Muslims with the occupying forces, and the indifference of many others for whom the material benefits of the West seem to mean more than the reward of Jannah.

In addition, one has the corrupt regimes in Muslim lands – from Saudi Arabia, to Egypt, to Yemen, to Jordan, to Algeria to Pakistan – supporting Amerika and its allies, and many Muslims, in the West, collaborating with Western Police forces and intelligence services, and informing on fellow Muslims plotting against the West…..

With all this help, assistance, and collaboration, by Muslims – with the whole Muslim world divided – and with wrong tactics pursued by groups such as Al-Qaida, the prospects of Western forces being defeated in the near future by Jihadi Muslims seems slim…..”

There follows an analysis of the tactics of Muslim groups such as Al-Qaida, with the author concluding that attacks on “what the West terms civilians and civilian targets – however justified such attacks might be according to Quran and Sunnah – are and have been counter-productive, and reveal a basic misunderstanding of the psyche of the kuffar of the West.” The author goes on to state that attempts, by some Muslims, to change the tactics by concentrating on military, industrial and commercial, targets instead, seem to have failed, and that even if the tactics were changed, “the underlying and perhaps more serious problem of massive Muslim collaboration with Western forces and Western governments remain.”

It seems abundantly clear from this analysis that Myatt’s decision to leave Islam may well have been practical and pragmatic. That is, he no longer considered radical Islam – the Islam of the awakening, of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah as he calls it – an effective means of undermining and overthrowing what he calls The System, that is, the current governments of the West with their “Magian ethos”.

Just as, over a decade previously, Myatt seemed to have abandoned, for practical, pragmatic reasons, his tactics of trying to provoke a racial war through terror, in England, he now abandoned his support for the tactics of radical Muslims.

Instead, Myatt has turned toward building the foundations of the new societies required, having, in his own words,

“…concluded that we ourselves – native Europeans – were an integral part of the problem; that it was necessary for us to fundamentally change ourselves, and that this change had to arise from within each one of us, directly, numinously, and could not be achieved by the imposition of or the striving for some political, some social, ideology or by adherence to some pre-existing religious world-view.” (5)

His solution? A new living – numinous – tradition for “native Europeans” (i.e. Aryans) based on ethnic tribes and the principle of personal honour. For although Myatt no longer, it seems, directly uses the term race (the biological concept of race), it is quite clear that these tribes are or should be ethnic ones, given that he writes that a new and numinous culture can only arise from a community of “those whom one is ancestrally related to…”

Thus, instead of talking about, writing about, supporting and advocating – as he has done for nigh on thirty years – an outer political or revolutionary or even religious change, Myatt is now talking about, writing about, supporting and advocating, an inner, personal, and individual change. Changing people from within, by a numinous way, a living tradition and culture.

Hence, while his tactics may have changed over the decades and as a result of his own experiences and involvements, his overall aims have remained the same – the disruption and the replacement of what he terms the Magian status quo, and the emergence of a new type of human being, with these new human beings having forsaken the old way of nation States for his new way of tribal living.


It is my view that the evidence shows that Myatt remains a committed National Socialist and a fanatical anti-Semite, and that he has continued to support and propagate anti-Semitic views. (6)

He has simply moved from supporting and propagating what he calls “old style National-Socialism of the Third Reich”, to supporting and propagating the ethical National-Socialism of his own Reichsfolk organization, although this, allegedly non-racist, National-Socialism does seem quite removed, if not radically different, from the National Socialism of Hitler and the Third Reich, being no longer bound to the idea of a State, and no longer even nationalist. Which is why, presumably, Myatt now calls it the Numinous Way, the way of tribes, personal honour, and of a living, numinous, tradition.

June 2010


(1) By Magian, Myatt and his followers – including those in the Occult group, the Order of Nine Angles – basically means Jews and Jewish influence. See, for instance, Myatt’s early work Vindex – The Destiny of The West (1984), and also his fairly recent essay The United Nations – The Sly Magian At Work, distributed by the ONA, where he, unsurprisingly, uses the Arabic term for Jews, Yahoud.

Interestingly, excerpts from Myatt’s Vindex are included in a video recently posted (May 2010) on youtube by neo-nazi supporters.

(2) Michael, George. The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right. University Press of Kansas, 2006

(3) The core of Myatt’s vast corpus of writings about this Numinous Way – a successor to his earlier Folk Culture philosophy, and nearly all of which writings were written while he was a Muslim, between 2003 and 2009 – are what he calls the virtue of personal honour, and the establishment of new communities, new societies, based on tribes and clans.

(4) Some of these “Not For Publication” Reichsfolk Situation Reports have been leaked and appeared in print, with several posted on the now deleted Usenet groups such as alt.politics.nationalism.white and one, dated 116-117yf, on the VNN neo-nazi internet forum, in 2005.

(5) Myatt, National-Socialism, Islam, Honour and Empathy, dated May 2010 CE

(6) Myatt’s continuing, and vitriolic, anti-Semitism is clearly evident in recent articles such as The Theory of The Holocaust, and The Sly Magian At Work.

Myatt – German Wikipedia Article

Editorial Note: Given below is the main text of the article about David Myatt from the German edition of Wikipedia (inlcuding the references). Since it varies quite a lot from the article in the English edition of Wikipedia, it should be of interest to Myatt fans, Myatt critics, opponents of Myatt, and of course to MOACS everywhere.

Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt (* 1950[1] oder 1952[1]), vormals bekannt als David Wulstan Myatt[2][1] beziehungsweise David William Myatt,[3] ist ein britischer Islamist und früherer Neonazi. Vor seiner Konversion zum Islam im Jahre 1998 war Myatt Anführer des britischen National Socialist Movement (NSM) und ideologischer Kopf hinter Combat 18 (C18).[4] Er gilt als „Beispiel für die Achse zwischen Rechtsextremisten und Islamisten“[4] und eine der wichtigsten Figuren der englischen Neonazi-Szene seit den 1970er Jahren.[2] Er wird meist mit dem okkultistischen Flügel der Neonazi-Bewegung assoziiert.[2]

[Bearbeiten] Biographie

Vor Myatts Hinwendung zum Nationalsozialismus war seine Biographie eher unkonventionell:[2] Myatt wuchs als Kind in Ostafrika und dem Fernen Osten auf, nach eigenen Angaben stammen seine ersten Erinnerungen aus der Zeit in Tanganjika.[2]

Auf der Suche nach dem Modell hinter dem scheinbar zufälligen Weltgeschehen verbrachte er längere Zeit im Mittleren Osten und Ostasien und befasste sich mit westlichen Religionen wie Christentum und Islam und östlichen wie Taoismus und Buddhismus; dabei probierte er das Klosterleben in der christlichen wie auch der buddhistischen Form aus.[2] Im Alter von stieß er auf den Nationalsozialismus, speziell die Vorlagen solcher Mystiker wie Savitri Devi.[2] Myatts Geschichte gilt als typisch für Neonazis der 1960er-Generation.[2]

In den 1970er Jahren war Myatt fester Bestandteil der britischen nationalsozialischen Szene.[2] Er rechtfertigte den Nationalsozialismus mit dem Bezug auf die Natur, da „der arische Nationalsozialismus im Kern in Harmonie mit der Natur wirkt, um weiteren evolutionären Wandel hervorzubringen“.[5] Er war langjähriges Mitglied der Gruppierungen National Socialist Movement (NSM) und Combat 18 (C18); die britische Zeitung The Observer bezeichnet ihn als „ideologisches Schwergewicht“ letzterer.[4][6] Sein Pamphlet A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution (1997) soll den britischen Neonazi David Copeland inspiriert haben, der 1999 für mehrere Bombenanschläge in London verurteilt wurde,[7] unter anderem einen Nagelbombenanschlag in der Schwulenkneipe Admiral Duncan in der Old Compton Street verübte, bei dem zwei Personen starben und dutzende von Menschen verletzt wurden.[8]

Zu seiner nationalsozialistischer Karriere zählen außerdem Haftstrafen wegen seiner politischen Aktivitäten und Konflikte mit dem britischen antifaschistischen Searchlight Magazine. Wegen seiner angeblichen okkulten Aktivitäten bezeichnete dieses ihn in der Einleitung jedes Berichts als „cat strangler“;[9] er selbst bestritt derartige Behauptungen und forderte jeden, der diese verbreitete, zum Duell heraus; er selbst liebe und respektiere Tiere.[9]

Myatt war der Anführer der Organisation Reichsfolk und publizierte die Magazine The National Socialist, Das Reich und Future Reich. Seine Essays wurden wiederveröffentlicht und auch über das Internet verbreitet. Er soll eng mit dem Order of Nine Angles (ONA), einem neonazistisch orientierten satanistischen Orden, kooperiert haben, und soll mit dessen Gründer oder zeitweiligem Anführer Anton Long[10][11][12][13][14] sowie Stephen Brown,[15] Algar Langton[15] und Christos Beest[9] personell identisch sein, was er jedoch bestreitet[9] und Jeffrey Kaplan für unwahrscheinlich hält.[9]

1998 konvertierte David Myatt zum Islam und nahm den Namen Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt an,[16] schrieb aber weiterhin neonazistische Texte, die auf den Seiten von Aryan Nations und White Revolution zu finden sind.[16] Nach einem Exposé des Searchlight Magazine über Reichsfolk und den ONA im Jahre 1999, in dem er als der gefährlichste Nazi in Großbritannien bezeichnet wurde, kündigten er und Beest an, in den Untergrund zu gehen.[9] Als Islamist lobt, verteidigte und rechtfertigte Myatt Osama bin Laden und Selbstmordattentate, die er als „Märtyreroperationen“ bezeichnet, so auch die Terroranschläge am 11. September 2001.[16] Unter dem Titel Are Martyrdom Operations Lawful According to Quran and Sunnah? schrieb er „eine der ausführlichsten Verteidigungen von Märtyreroperationen in englischer Sprache“;[16][17] die Hamas soll diesen auch zur Rechtfertigung eigener Aktivitäten herangezogen haben.[16][17] Myatt sieht eine Verbindung zwischen Nationalsozialismus und Islam,[16][5] speziell in der Judenfeindlichkeit rechtsextremer und islamistischer Gruppen,[5] und versucht diese zu verstärken.[16] Allerdings ist „die Ernsthaftigkeit von Myatts Übertritt zum Islam in Frage gestellt und bezweifelt worden, ob er immer noch Moslem ist“.[16]

Während Myatts Einfluss „ursprünglich weitgehend auf ein britisches Publikum begrenzt“ war, erfuhr er nach seiner Konvertierung größere Aufmerksamkeit in arabischen Ländern, und seine Schriften, die „einst als zu esoterisch und intellektuell betrachtet wurden“, finden sich inzwischen auf populären neonazistischen Internetseiten wie Stormfront, Aryan Nations und White Revolution.[5] Daran zeigt sich auch ein wachsendes Interesse an einem Bündnis mit Islamisten seitens der neonazistischen Szene.[5]

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Source: (Der Text ist unter der Lizenz „Creative Commons)



A reasonably fair summary of Reichsfolk is given in the first section of the current (August 2009 CE) Metapedia article from which the following quote is taken. Metapedia, BTW, is a Swedish, pro-folkish, alternative on-line encyclopaedia.

” Reichfolk är en nationalsocialistisk gruppering som grundades av David Myatt vars ambition är att förmedla den etiska nationalsocialism som Myatt förordade…

Baserat på det textmaterial som Reichfolk spred under senare 90-talet växer en bild av en modifierad nationalsocialism fram. Istället för “ledardyrkan” framställs det “ariska idealsamhället” som något som består utav fria starka individer vars hedersuppfattning skulle komma att stifta den “lag” man underkastar sig. Tanken på att en stat, en regering, en enskild person (Monark eller dylikt) skulle stifta lag över andra framställs som helt väsensfrämmande för ariern som avses i Reichsfolk definition av begreppet.

Tanken tycks till synes ha varit att skapa en helt ny religion, en livsfilosofi med alla aspekter av andlighet, politik, och moral inkorporerat i en och samma världsuppfattning på samma sätt som man idag stundvis anser Islam vara mer än bara en religion.

En av de mer excentriska inslagen i Reichsfolk var återuppväckandet av idéen om dueller på liv och död för att lösa tvister av olika slag, och till och med som en delvis ersättare för rättsapparaten som vi känner den idag. En anklagad skall enligt Reichsfolks syn på saken ha rätten att utmana den som anklagar denna för något till en duell på liv och död.

Ambitionen att rent evolutionärt utveckla människoarten till ett mer extraterrestriellt väsen, kallat homo galactica där tanken kretsade kring att utforskandet och kolonisationen av världsrymden var den ariska rasens levnadsöde propagerades hårt av David Myatt under hans aktiva tid i Reichsfolk.

Myatt menade i sina verk att en nationalsocialist/aryanist inte alls återspeglade det hätska hat, förakt och nedvärderande agerande som man stundvis ser prov på i sammanhang som dessa, utan att det tvärtom var en etisk och hedersbaserad väg vars ambition att etablera ett europeiskt hemland för vita nationalsocialister inte alls behövde medföra nedsättande agerande emot andra folkslag eller deras kultur.

Då denna stora vikt läggs på individen, och dennes uppförande författade Myatt under Reichsfolks namn ett flertal artiklar som definierar rättsuppfattning, personligt agerande, ariska helgdagar och firandet där av med mera. “

A collection of articles, in pdf format, outlining the Reichsfolk Weltanschauung (Ethical National-Socialism) is available for download here.