Seven Essays About Vindex

The seven essays regarding Vindex – included in the pdf file below – were written by Myatt over a period of some seven years, and are taken from a variety of sources, including The Mythos of Vindex. These essays elucidate, revise, and substantially extend, his earlier essay, published in 1984 CE, entitled Vindex – The Destiny of The West.

Included is a brief Glossary.

” Vindex is the name given to the person who, by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”. The main opponent of Vindex – both on the practical level and in terms of ethos – is the Magian.

The main allies of the Magian have been the hubriati of the West – that is, the vulgar Western oligarchy which had originally bred and maintained the White Hordes of Homo Hubris as toiling-workers, salary-slaves and foot-soldiers for their materialistic system of industrialism, capitalism, colonialism and vacuous (un-numinous, abstract) States, and which hubriati, in the early part of the twentieth-century (CE, or Era Vulgaris), came to enthusiastically adopt and evolve the Magian ethos, until the Magian ethos has, since the ending of The First Zionist War, come to represent the modern West, with the White Hordes of Homo Hubris now effectively the toiling-workers, salary-slaves and foot-soldiers for the Magian, and whose taxes, work and sacrifices serve to keep the whole rapacious Magian system alive.

The essence of the new way of life that Vindex heralds and implements (the Vindex ethos) is: (1) the way of tribes and clans in place of the abstraction of the modern nation-State; and (2) the way, the law, of personal honour in place of the abstract laws made by governments…”

David Myatt – Seven Essays About Vindex


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