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The United Nations – The Sly Magian at Work

History and Reality

The following is a good example of how the Magians, and their servants and lackeys in the modern West, work: they manufacture an organization, the so-called United Nations (UN), with rules and “charters” which express their own Magian-esque way of life [See Footnote 1], their Magian aims, and their abstract, un-numinous, tyrannical laws. That is, the UN is based on and dedicated to the abstractions of the Magian which have come to dominate the West – among which abstractions are the nation-State (over and above the natural, numinous, human way of tribes); the abstraction of an abstract law enforced by large, impersonal, agencies such as Police forces (over and above the numinous, human, way of personal honour); the abstraction of mandatory taxation enforced by threat of imprisonment; the abstraction of a centralized government controlling the distribution and production of money, based as such money now is on the abstractions of financial speculation and the usury of interest (as opposed to the natural human way of barter).

Having manufactured this United Nations, the controllers of the West [See Footnote 2] then create a ruling body – the so-called Security Council – which they ensure they will always have control over, and whose rules allow them to veto any proposal or any resolution they, the controllers of the West, do not like or do not agree with.

With the slyness these dishonourable war-mongering imperialists and colonialists have been renowned for, for centuries [See Footnote 3], the controllers of the West then declare that their self-manufactured organization, the UN, will make, and enforce what they call “international law”, and will be responsible for international, world-wide “security”. What all this means in reality is that they, the controllers of the West, will decide what is lawful and unlawful, and that they have given to themselves the power – economic, military, and political – to enforce their manufactured laws, and to “punish”, if necessary by invasion and/or sanctions, any land, any country, any government, any organization, any group, any people, they want, anywhere in the world. This is the beginnings of a tyrannical world government, in all but name.

The controllers of the West then invite “all the nations of the world” to join this organization of theirs, knowing full well that they, the controllers of the West, control – through such things as the Security Council – the real power, and that these other, non-Western nations, can talk and discuss all they want, and pass all the resolutions they want, but that all this talk, all these discussions, all these non-Western resolutions ultimately were and are without significance, devoid of power, unless of course the controllers of the West agree with them.

Thus, other bodies within the United Nations can only make “recommendations” to member governments, while the Western-controlled Security Council has the power to make binding decisions that member governments must accept, on pain of sanctions (military, trade, or economic), or on pain of having UN so-called “peacekeeping forces” invade their land.

A really sly trick of the controllers of the West is that they manage to convince not only a majority of their own peoples, but also millions of millions of people around the world, that this UN organization represents and upholds “peace”, “security”, and is committed to “freedom” – whereas the reality, the truth, is: (1) that this so-called “peace” is surrender to the controllers of the West, or adopting the ways, and abstractions, of the controllers of the West; (2) that this so-called “security” means maintaining the security of the West and allowing the West to keep its military, political, and economic superiority; (3) that this so-called “freedom” is only the illusory “freedom” of allowing the controllers of the West to retain their power, and their control, over their own lands, and over all the lands of the world; and (4) that the peoples of the world continue to be divided up into often artificially manufactured and always un-numinous nation-States, and thence into larger geographical abstractions, such as the so-called European Union, since such abstractions, such blocs, serve a very useful economic, political, bureaucratic and military function for them, a further move toward a world government.

The sly controllers of the West then had their UN organization create so-called “international peace-keeping forces” – always under the ultimate control of the West – although in reality these so-called “international peace-keeping forces” were just a means whereby the West, who controlled the Security Council, could do what they wanted or felt was necessary, under the pretext of the so-called “international law” which they themselves had manufactured according to their impersonal, un-numinous, dishonourable abstractions.

With their sly organization, the UN, the controllers now had the power to declare that they had the “right” to impose economic sanctions on any nation, any land, they chose; had the “right” (and even the so-called “moral duty”) to invade any land they wanted; had the “right” (and even the so-called “moral duty”) to send their “peace-keeping” forces anywhere in the world to “restore law and order” and to “ensure freedom”; and had the so-called “right” to restrict or ban sales of arms and weapons to any land, to any country, any people or any person they choose, thus ensuring that in any armed conflict the West would always have a military superiority. Just how sly is that? And just how ignorant, how naive, are the people, the mundanes, who have fallen for the sly lies of the controllers and who therefore believe what the controllers of the West, the UN, and the lackeys of the Magian, tell them?

Of course, to do these things, such as invading another land, or imposing sanctions, the controllers of the West – and their new and trusted allies – have to get a so-called “resolution” passed by the UN to give their acts the appearance of being legitimate and “lawful”, which resolution, of course, they almost always get, and if – on a rare occasion – they did not get one on time, they, the controllers of the West, acted anyway, as they did for instance in the case of their invasion of Iraq. For the sly controllers of the West always seem to be able to convince, bribe (with “aid” and the like) or threaten enough people to get their own way even when they flout some law or other that they themselves have manufactured. Thus do the sly controllers reveal themselves for what they really are: hypocrites to the core; bullies who only fight when they have military superiority; and adept at using deception and Orwellian-type double-speak and “spin” to get their own way, convince others, and cover their backs.

Recent Examples of Hubriati Slyness

The slyness of the controllers of the West – and of the UN – is evident in many events since the controllers of the West first manufactured the UN following their bloody, murderous, Second World War. A few of such recent events are:

(1) The continued brutal occupation of Palestine by the Zionist entity, and the continued stealing of Palestinian land by the Zionist entity. Since the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine is a trusted ally of the Magian West, it can ignore whatever resolutions the multi-national UN talk-shop make, since one or more Western nations can always be countered on to veto such resolutions, making such resolutions ultimately worthless, unless of course they are supported by the West because such-and-such a resolution is something the controllers of the West agree with.

In addition, the UN accepts that military aid to the brutal Zionist entity is allowable and even necessary, while military aid, or even any financial support, to those fighting the Zionist occupation of Palestine is deemed “illegal”, thus ensuring the continued military superiority of the Zionists.

(2) The imposition of military, trade and economic sanctions on Iraq before, during, and after what the controllers of the West called The First Gulf War. These sanctions ensured that the West maintained its military superiority, as they directly and indirectly led to the death, by starvation and disease, of at least half a million people in Iraq.

(3) The fact that the UN allows only the West – and its trusted allies, such as the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine – to possess nuclear weapons, and “demands”, on pain of sanctions or the threat of invasion (“let’s send in our peace-keeping forces”), that those who are not trusted allies of the West and thus not yet directly under the control of the Magian (such as Iran), cannot develope or possess nuclear weapons. Thus, the UN ensures that nuclear weapons remain in the hands of only the West, or in the hands of trusted allies of the West – those who can be relied upon to do what the controllers of the West want and demand (such as the current corrupt government in Pakistan).

Hence if a land such as Iran – currently free from direct control by the Magian – strives to obtain such weapons, the controllers of the West, acting no doubt on the orders from their hidden Magian controllers, will have the UN pass resolutions giving them the “right” impose sanctions upon Iran (and try and force them to submit) and the “right” to bomb Iran and invade Iran if their sanctions and their bullying threats do not work.

(4) The recent invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, where troops from Amerika and elsewhere in the West, are said to have a so-called UN mandate to fight, kill and imprison those who oppose them and who are honourably resisting the occupation of their land; and where these Western troops, and their politicians and allies, are said to have the “right” to impose a particular type of government on the people of Afghanistan, with this particular type of government, of course, being based on un-numinous abstractions – the modern nation-State and the deception of democracy – which abstractions the controllers of the West insist the peoples of the West, and indeed, the whole world, worship and obey.

(5) The recent demand – by the controllers of the West – that the rulers of Yemen “deal with” (by murder, imprisonment and brainwashing) those Muslims who are opposed to Western interference in their affairs, and who seek to implement and to live by another way of life. In support of their demand, the controllers of the West are preparing to get their puppet organization, the UN, to pass enforceable resolutions: (1) giving their ally, the current rulers of Yemen regime, military and economic aid, and (2) allowing for Western military forces, if necessary, to invade and occupy Yemen.

(6) The NATO intervention in Serbia – when a majority of the Serbian people, under Slobodan Milošević, desired to create a genuinely independent land, based to some extent on an extended tribal ethnicity.

Since such a land was anathema to the Magians – and only allowed to exist in their own homeland, the Zionist entity occupying Palestine – the controllers of the West began a disgusting propaganda campaign against Milošević and those in favour of such a land; they imposed sanctions, had NATO bomb Serbia, intervened military,  accused Milošević of so-called “war crimes”, and eventually succeeded in having him – with their help of their collaborators – arrested, and then tried in some UN manufactured Court of Law. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he mysteriously died while in custody, something that seems to often happen to active opponents of the Magian system, from members of the SS, to officials of the Third Reich, to Muslim resistance fighters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere.


Whenever and wherever the controllers want to protect what they call “their own interests” or their so-called security, and whenever and wherever the controllers of the West want to impose their will and their abstractions, you will find UN so-called “peacekeeping forces” – which really should be re-named “the armed enforcers of the bullies of the New Magian Order of the West”. Notice how armies of occupation – armies of imperialism – in places such as Afghanistan are now routinely called “peace-keeping forces”, and are said to be bringing, or ensuring, the “freedom of democracy”.

Whenever and wherever there are peoples desiring to live in a natural, human and numinous way, sans abstractions such as the nation-State, and without the tyranny of usury and debt, you will find the controllers of the West interfering in their affairs, invading and occupying their lands, supporting corrupt collaborating rulers and corrupt tyrannical regimes –  and interfering using the name of the UN, or acting under the pretext of some UN resolution or other, and/or sending their “armed enforcers for the abstractions of the West” (aka UN peacekeeping forces) to ensure that the only law is abstract law, and that all people everywhere must bow down before the mighty UN, and thus keep the Magian West secure, allow its military forces to dominate the world, and continue to accept the primacy of the un-numinous nation-State.

Where once our planet was home to diverse local communities – with their own unique and numinous culture – based upon tribes and using barter as a means of trade, the world has now become dominated by the un-numinous abstraction of the impersonal nation-State, policed by the UN, and ultimately controlled by and through the usury of international finance, and by means of mass consumerism and the pursuit of materialism.

A whole new abstract and un-numinous world mass culture has been manufactured, and this trashy culture reflects the hubrian values the Magian wants their worldwide subjects to adopt: the values of obedience to abstract authority (the State, the government, the UN, and all their laws); of loyalty and duty to some rootless impersonal abstraction (some “elected” functionary, some chain of command; some manufactured “nation” cobbled together by politicians); the pursuit of material wealth and an illusory “progress”, and an aggressive self-advancement, all at the expense of empathy and of our natural, evolutionary, tribal, human wyrd.

David Myatt


[1] By the Magian way of life is primarily meant the abstractions which represent the un-numinous Magian ethos. One of the fundamental abstractions of the Magian is that of the modern nation-State. Furthermore,

” The abject dishonourable tyranny of the modern industrialized world – of the modern West – has been manufactured by the Magian, and by the Magian ethos.

The Magian ethos is represented in the victory of consumerism over genuine, numinous, culture. It is represented in the triumph of abstract “cleverness” – particularly abstract “law” – over the noble instincts of the man, or woman, of honour. It is represented in the triumph of vulgar mass entertainment over spontaneous family and small community events. It is manifest by the triumph of urban haste and impoliteness over the possession of rural manners. It is manifest in the triumph of loans and usurious debt over thrift. It is represented in the triumph of indecency and profanity over modesty. But, perhaps most of all, it is represented in the destruction of the slow, rural, way of life – work involving manual labour and/or the labour of animals – and its replacement by the industry and machines of Homo Hubris, made possible by a rampant capitalism and the abject and large-scale exploitation of people and natural resources by modern States and their privileged oligarchies.” The Vindex Mythos, Part One: Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian

As mentioned in other essays (see for example The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and Confusion Will Be My Epitaph), the term Magian is now used as a synonym for the hybrid ethos of Yahoud and Western hubriati, subsumed as these hubriati have been and are (as their name suggests) by hubris and the delusion of abstractions.

” The Magian ethos [is] something other than simply something manufactured by some other people, such as Zionists, and which thus expresses the ethos, the Zeitgeist, of that people. That is, this Magian ethos is theirs, but crucially also “ours”; an alchemical mixture of ideas, abstractions, and mythos, deriving from both “us” and “them”. Thus, while currently the main beneficiaries of this Magian ethos are the Magians themselves (and especially their new State entity and its satellite entity, Amerika) its origin, its existence, and its continuing vigour and power are now insolubly tied up with the peoples of the West. ” Confusion Will Be My Epitaph

The term hubriati is an apt one, for it refers to the oligarchy, and the controllers, who oversee the hordes of Homo Hubris.

Furthermore, it should be understood that both the Nasrany faith (the way of the Nazarene) and the way of Islam ultimately belong to this same Magian ethos, opposing as these ways do – with, for example, their restrictive dogma and their notion of sin – the essentially tribal, empathic, pagan, numinous ethos that is our natural and our evolutionary human wyrd.

This natural wyrd of ours is expressed in our human desire for genuine individual freedom, which freedom is manifest in and by, and only manifest in and by, a supportive tribal way of life and the law of personal honour. It is this genuine freedom which modern abstractions such as the nation-State, with its wage-slavery, its taxation and its abstract laws and inhuman prisons, take away. And it is this genuine freedom – this real, personal, liberty – that the global UN in all its forms undermines and seeks to replace.

For a supportive tribal way of life is, by its nature, small and personal, dwelling as it does in a local geographical area, and involving as it does either a personal, individual, knowing of most or all of its members, and/or a direct familial, genetic, link to its members.

[2] By controllers of the West is meant both the Magians (and their savants) behind the scenes, and the political oligarchies that govern the countries of the West under the guise, the pretence, the illusion, the charade, of so-called democracy, which democracy maintains the status quo based on the Magian ethos, and Magian abstractions.

A good example of these controllers of the West are Blair and Bush – both lackeys of the Magian; both ardent, if not fanatical, believers in Magian abstractions such as the nation-State and in the “necessity” of imposing the abstraction, the pretence, of democracy upon others, if necessary by brutal and lethal force. Both are ardent, if not fanatical, supporters of the UN and of its alleged mandate and right to interference in the affairs of other peoples, anywhere in the world.

In essence, the modern West is now synonymous with Magian control, and thus when one speaks or writes about this modern West one is speaking and writing about the domination of the Magian.

[3] There is a fundamental, an important, distinction between impersonal warfare and honourable combat. The West – with its weapons of mass killing, and its large armed forces with their loyalty to some abstract chain-of-command – has become the symbol, the example par excellence, of dishonourable, impersonal warfare.

The essence of honourable combat – the domain of true warriors – is personal loyalty and duty to a chief, or leader, personally known and personally respected, as well as a personal knowing of and a comradeship with, one’s fellow warriors. The essence of impersonal warfare is large armed forces with their (a) duty to some abstract chain-of-command and thence to some commander or government or some President, monarch or ruler, they do not personally know, and (b) their loyalty to something abstract, such as some nation-State or some abstract, illusive, “freedom” said to be obtained by such things as “democracy” and, now, by the UN and its charters, laws and agencies and so-called “peace-keepers”.

A true warrior can and does – and always has the right to – exercise their own personal judgement, whereas a member of some impersonal armed force has signed away their right of personal judgement, and are just expected to obediently follow the chain of command.

Warriors fight other warriors in a mostly direct, personal, confrontation. The members of impersonal armed forces often distance themselves from such direct personal, individual, confrontation – using missiles, guns fired from a distance, bombs dropped from aircraft, and so on.

The warrior prefers and often insists upon a fair-fight, with other warriors only; whereas impersonal armed forces are all about gaining some advantage over your enemies, often through sly trickery, or by propaganda, or by assassinating the leaders of their enemies (as has happened and is happening in places such as occupied Palestine and Afghanistan), or by ensuring that they have superiority in numbers and fire-power before they engage the enemy.

Furthermore, warriors fight and die for something or someone they know personally – such as their family, their extended tribal family, their own land – whereas members of some impersonal armed force fight and die for whatever their commanders, or their government, tell them to. In essence, imperialism, and colonialism are expressions of impersonal, and dishonourable, warfare, since they expand a conflict – or bring a conflict to – lands which those fighting have no direct, personal, or ancestral link to.



It has been suggested – perhaps somewhat naively – that the work of UN agencies such as UNDP and UNHCR reveals the true nature of the UN, as, in essence, a humanitarian agency, and a force of positive change, in the world.

However, all these supra-national agencies all are dedicated, esoterically, to the same agenda and are but means to spread the abstractions of the Magian ethos; to have the controllers of the West interfere in the affairs of others, even if the many muppets (with good intentions) supporting and/or being part of such agencies, are not aware of this esoteric agenda.

For, crudely expressed, UN aid equals aid with a Western controller agenda, and often with “the assistance” of UN so-called armed “peacekeepers”. UN aid by definition implies external interference in the affairs of countries, and often involves corruption, mostly by the regimes or governments or agencies of the aided country. It also accepts, and often extends, the current status quo of the world divided up into controllable nation-States, with subservience to some “officially, UN, recognized” government of some such State often a precondition of such UN aid and assistance.

Most importantly, the whole principle of such “aid” is patronising and dishonourable, as it does not and cannot address the main causes of poverty and disease and social problems in many lands, many or all of which problems are the result of (1) the legacy of Western imperialism, colonialism, capitalist exploitation and usurious debts to Western banks or governments, and/or (2) corrupt local regimes and governments; and (3) – and perhaps most importantly – an ignorance of our true nature, our true wyrd, as human beings.

The numinous, the wyrdful, solution to such problems is not the abstract, nation-State loving UN, but rather a return to, and thence an evolution of, numinous values, a numinous empathic way of life, manifest in tribal living, in personal honour as the only law, in barter, in the way of the clan-based warrior, and in the total rejection of the capitalist system based on the slavery of usury and the pursuit of the illusion of a materialistic causal “progress”.

One of the central aims of all these UN organizations is to aid and advance what the Western controllers and their saps call “human rights”, and this is now akin to a zealous crusade by the new zealous missionaries of this new abstraction. Often, this crusade for so-called “human rights” is allied with the aim of promoting or encouraging another un-numinous abstraction, democracy, allied as this democracy is to the abstraction of the nation-State. Thus all these organizations have the underlying agenda of aiding, of supporting, the division of the world into abstract nation-States with the UN as the world, the legal, authority over these nation-States, and moreover having a mandate, indeed a so-called right and duty, to interfere in any and all nation-States on the basis of ensuring “human rights” and “democracy”.

In contrast, the wyrdful way, the numinous – the human – way of living, accepts that so-called rights, human and otherwise, are a mere abstraction, and that all we human beings have are obligations and duties to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our kin, to our own tribe(s), to those to whom we give a personal pledge of loyalty, and to Nature and the living Cosmos beyond. That is, the wyrdful way, the numinous – the human – way of living is concerned with balance, with an empathic awareness of ourselves as but one transient living nexion, one microcosmic connexion between all life, here on this planet, and elsewhere, manifest as this life is to us in our family connexions, our tribal connexions, in personal honour, and in the living matrix of Nature, revered in our ancestral land or the homeland of our own tribe.

Fundamentally, the way of abstractions – the way of the UN – is the unbalanced way of hubris, where we seek to impose such abstractions upon ourselves, upon others, upon the world, and upon all life – where we arrogantly believe we are or we can or we should be masters of Nature, masters of other human beings, and masters of our own so-called causal (linear) Destiny.

It is, quintessentially, the difference between being and behaving like children – spoilt, aggressive, mardy, moody, tantrum-prone children – and growing up and behaving like adult human beings, wise from our pathei-mathos and having empathy with, and thus a respect for, what is numinous, and living.

The Magian, and the controllers of the West with their Magian ethos and agenda, want to keep us as mere children; as Homo Hubris, as slaves to their manufactured abstractions, to their materialistic, tyrannical, un-numinous, way of life.


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