Mythos of Vindex, Appendix 1

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The Mythos of Vindex, Appendix 1

” The essence of Vindex and the warrior clans of Vindex is that they are, by nature and way of life, practical warriors of a particular ethos. This means that they not only have a specific and warrior code of personal behaviour, but also that they have a shared culture, shared aims, shared values, and that their culture is something new, progressive, evolutionary, and not based on some Old Aeon abstraction.

This new, and numinous, culture is the way of the clan in contrast to the Old Aeon way of the nation-State; it is the way of individual excellence, where excellence of individual, personal, character is celebrated and rewarded, in contrast to the Old Aeon way of so-called democracy and the celebration of the mundane, the plebeian. It is, basically, the new culture of a new warrior aristocracy where the values of the warrior reign and are prized and where individual character is measured and judged according to these warrior values.

Thus, Old Aeon abstractions such as ethnicity are fundamentally irrelevant as a criteria – for what matters is individual character, individual élan, proved and shown by practical deeds, especially of a warrior nature. For the new warriors of the clans of Vindex, the worth of an individual depends on their personal character, on their proven deeds, and is not based on some prejudice or on prejudging someone according to their assumed or claimed ethnic type…

Furthermore, there is also an acceptance of and a celebration of the feminine, or more particularly, of the female warrior, with it being regarded as natural and healthy for women to train for combat and to fight – and to have the heart and soul of a warrior, with the heroic female warrior being seen as a figure to be admired and emulated.

Hence, Vindex is not bound by Old Aeon abstractions, and may thus be a male, or a female, warrior, and may be of any ethnicity (mixed or otherwise) and may be born (or may already have been born) in any old-style country on any continent on Earth. Vindex is simply the individual, who by their skill, their personal character, their cunning, their intelligence, their warrior prowess, their charisma, assumes the leadership of a warrior clan, or who establishes such a clan; who leads that clan into successful combat after successful combat with the forces of the Old Aeon; and who eventually establishes, and becomes the chief of, an alliance, or bund, or federation, of like-minded warrior clans…

It is quite possible and indeed more than likely, that Vindex will initially become an heroic figure as a result of being branded an outlaw by one or more of the old nation-States; a modern and successful guerilla leader who devises new strategies and new tactics to defeat the armed forces of the Old Order, and which new strategies and new tactics nullify or greatly help to nullify the superior fire-power, the superior technology, the superior resources, that the armed forces of the Old Order possess.

It is also possible, and indeed seems increasingly likely, that the first battles in the coming war against the forces of the Old Order will be urban ones, and develope as a natural consequence of some urban gang gaining practical control of certain urban areas such that they become the effective and the visible “forces of law and order” in those areas.

Furthermore, in its beginnings this urban combat, this war, against the forces of the Old Aeon may well have an ethnic basis – that is, the new urban tribes which fight for territory in a practical way against the Old Aeon forces of “law and order” may well be bonded together by a shared ethnicity (or even by an assumption of shared ethnicity), which bonding will give them several practical advantages.

However, as the war escalates and expands – as it must – and as Vindex emerges, this ethnic factor will recede, for it is Vindex who will and who can, by force of personality and by deeds done, meld together and inspire diverse groups into an effective fighting force, and it is with Vindex, and because of the expanding conflict, that ethnicity will cease to be a factor, being replaced, instead, by a new warrior ethos and a new warrior way of tribal living.”

Source: The Mythos of Vindex, Appendix 1: The Irrelevancy of Nation and Ethnicity in the Mythos of Vindex by David Myatt


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